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Ride to Glory 2009: Voting ends soon!

This is your last chance to vote people. Make it count...

A Day With: Ben Wallace

Last Friday after spending Thursday with Toby Forte, I woke up nice and early and drove down to the new concrete skatepark in Dorchester where I met up with Ben Wallace. Ben is arguably the UK's most stylish ramp rider, someone who can ride both ways and does things in his unique style.

Worlds most savage drop in?

or not? Is this fake?

Tom Sanders - Welcome to United edit

Missed a few things being off yesterday including this welcome to the team edit of new United rider Tom Sanders produced by Joe Cox. Everything you've come to expect from Joe and a good look into the style of United latest pro rider - Tom Sanders.

Webby at Woodward West!

Missed this last week, couldn't not post it after seeing it though! Check this out... Mark Webb at Woodward West doing what he loves to do!

Eduards Zunda in England edit...

Pretty savage street clips from Simple Bike Co rider Eduards Zunda who's been in the UK for a little bit. His style is something else, he looks on the edge the whole time!

Sergio Layos on his new signature Fly Bikes tyre!

Sergio Layos has a signature tyre out on long time sponsor Fly Bikes. We have an advert in the new issue, check out this edit on the how's, what's and why's!

Volt BMX - London BMX Shop!

I've had word from Kev Friel about a new shop him and John Dye have opened called Volt BMX. I'll leave the description to Kev!

A Day With: Toby Forte

We spent a cold Thursday last week with Verde and DC rider Toby Forte. We jogged with him in the morning, first thing he does to keep himself supple! Then we watched him do some work for his Bristol employer Shiner Distribution heading down to Decoy trails in Devon for a session

Jenson Button a BMX rider?

If you're a fan of motor racing, you'll know that Jenson Button won the Formula 1 World Championship this weekend. The Sun have a pretty good article on his humble beginnings, as a BMX racer! Go on son...

Thirty Seconds: Do Magazine's Still Count?

UK BMX blog Streetphire just put up a post on their site which goes some way to try and explain the process of how magazines and advertising works. You can read the full post written by H-Man here. Basically, what this article aims to do is encourage everyone on the internet to goto Streetphire and vote for which magazine

Cover Story: Sebastian Keep

Red Bull, Vans and Hoffman rider Sebastian Keep scored this months cover with his epic air at Sadberge reservoir. This isn't Sebastian's first ride cover though, he's had a few! Here is a recap of Sebastian's Ride UK covers with a quick Q&A about his latest one at the end...

Official Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam video!

It's been a couple of weeks since the Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam went down, but Nike have just released their offical edit. Our unofficial Ride UK Tunnel Jam edit is the most viewed video we've ever had; it had over two million views after finding itself all over the social networking websites! So we're expecting this professional job by 2009 Nike 6.0 Media Apprentice Rich Wilson will be very popular...

4Down Catalog Shoot video!

If you've already picked up the latest issue of Ride, you'll already know about the free 4Down catalog that's included! If not, here is a video that explains it all. Available from all good bike shops or free with the current issue of Ride. Here is a video of what went down on the two days of the shoot... Filmed and edited by James Cox.

EXCLUSIVE: Oakley National Trails Champs video!

This is a big one for you. The Oakley National Trails Champs video, straight from the hands of James Cox! This video features the best riding that went down on the trip featuring riding from organiser Kye Forte as well as Leo and Toby Forte, Max Wood, Matt Priest, Robbo, Scott Edgworth and Martyn Tambling.

New Ride UK Cover!

Sebastian Keep, with the help of Red Bull made this cover possible. Ben Hennon and Dan Lacey also lent a hand in the Red Bull Reservoir Dogs that went down last month in Sadberge near Newcastle...

Express Yourself mix by Tom Forster!

This is feelgood concrete skatpark street riding in the heart of England put together by Tom Forster... So good. Link at the end to a website that I can't seem to get working but no doubt there is more in the works from Tom...

EXCLUSIVE: Red Bull Reservoir Dogs teaser

This is beyond epic. Last month, a top secret mission was going down while most people were going about their daily business. The full story is in the new issue of Ride UK Magazine. Sebastian Keep, Dan Lacey and Ben Hennon are all involved

DUB BMX Trailer

DUB BMX have just released this trailer. Their ethos is Chills not Skills but by the looks of things, nobody is chilling... This is going to be a DVD release amd it's going to be epic! Check out for lots more..