Cinema X MARKIT collaboration can only mean good things right? Both have two cracking teams with a bunch of heavy hitters on each squad, there’s no denying that! I mean JUST look at this list…

Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Dan Lacey, Rob Wise, Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams, Connor Lodes, Corey Martinez, Mike Jonas & Christian Rigal.

Las Vegas was the chosen location and this has been a long time coming apparently since both TM’s have had an idea to hook-up both teams and hit somewhere awesome. The two teams headed into the Las Vegas desert fully-equipped with 2 filmers & Brandon Means shooting photos. Some of Brandon’s friends helped out as spot guides around the Vegas desert too. I have no doubts that you’ll want tohit rewind on this one a few times or even watch it all over again! Such a great collab with stunning filming/editing and great choices of both songs.

CINEMA x MARKIT BMX In Vegas from Cinema Wheel Co. on Vimeo.

-Edited by Will Stroud.


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