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NICE SET UP: Round 19

Ok, so here we are yet again after a long break. To be honest, there was no real reason I stopped doing these features. I guess after doing it week in-week out it got a little boring and sometimes you need to spend a bit of time apart to come back with a fresh mindset and new things to say. Nevertheless, our FB Group ‘pinned post’ which has been going strong since March 13th 2015 keeps filling up with more and more pictures of your rides, full specs and sometimes the odd riding photo too.

It’d simply be rude not to put these pictures to use after you’ve gone through the trouble of doing a full inventory check on your bike and writing it up for me! Some of the rides here are unique and look well sick. So let’s not delay it any further… Here’s round 19 of #NICESETUP

Chris Thornton.


Chris was the first person to pipe up when I let you all know about the return of our NICE SET UP feature and he fired over the specs of his ride and a few photos within record time. I like people who are pro-active and don’t mess around, it makes my job a lot easier and I couldn’t say no as his bike looks well sick too. My old frame was a Benny L and they’re great so maybe a bit of favouritism too…

Fit Benny V2 custom
Cranks: Vocal Valentine chrome, 175mm
BB: Subrosa Bitchin’
Bars: Federal drop 4pc bars 9″-29″
Forks: Amity Jesus chrome
Wheels: Alienation rims on CounterFeit pro hubs LHD
Seat: Stranger Native v2 tripod
Seat Pole: Stranger tripod pole
Pedals: Cult
Tyres: BSD Donasqueaks black 2.4″
Stem: Sunday Freeze
Headset: Primo
Sprocket: Eclát claw 25t
Grips: ODI XL Longnecks pink

He’s also a talented photographer and wanted me to shout out his Insta: @ctphotographyy


Ziad England.

This is the second time I’ve featured Ziad‘s bike. I remember when he first sent in his whip and it was looking pretty sorry for itself, needed a few bits here and there… Now it’s looking up to scratch, black and gold works nicely.

Frame: Premium brakeless 21″
Forks: Premium
Bars: BSD
Grips: ODI
Stem: BSD
Seat: Federal
Seat post: Built in
Cranks: Premium
Pedals: Odyssey
Sprocket: Infinity gold
Rims: Federal
Tires: Demolition 110psi
Hubs: BSD (female and male)


Ricky Mathena.

This brought one massive smile to my face. The fact that we have quite a few Oldskool BMX heads in our group and they ain’t afraid to show the young guns what they’ve got. This absolute winner of a Giant made Schwinn through from Ricky and had to feature it!

“Hey y’all, how about some old school stuff?

Frame: Giant made Schwinn “Predator”.
Bars: Schwinn
Forks: Schwinn
Tyres: Cheng Shin Tyre 20 x 2.125 front, 20 x 1.75 rear.
Pedals: Schwinn. Possibly Suntour as well.
Stem: Suntour made.
Cranks: Schwinn single piece.
Seat: Viscount “Aero”.
Hubs: “KK”, front (and probably rear. Can’t quite read the stamp on it.)
BB: Schwinn.
Pegs: N/A
Headset: Schwinn.
Sprocket: Sugino
Rims: CMC Front and rear.
Brake: Weinmann.
Brake Lever: Weinmann.
Cables: Generic.
Grips: Generic.
Seat Post: Schwinn.


Theo le Roux.

Sunshine and a mixture of some dope parts on a BSD Raider frame. Theo makes the colours red and blue actually look nice together somehow, definitely a dialled looking ride!

Frame: BSD Raider Frame ghost purple 21.6″
Bars: BSD Raider Bars 10″
Forks: Primo Kamikaze v3 Forks
Tyres: BSD Donna Squeak Sand Tire 2.4
Pedals: Giant pedals
Stem: BSD Blackneck Stem Front Loader
Cranks: BSD Substance 2 Piece CrankSet
Seat: BSD Stamp Slim Pivotal Seat
Hubs: BSD Frontstreet pro hub, BSD Westcoaster Freecoaster
BB: BSD Substance 22mm Mid bb
Pegs: None
Headset: BSD Black headset
Sprocket: BSD Superlite Sprocket 25t
Rims: Odyssey hazard Lite
Brake: None
Brake Lever: None
Cables: None
Grips: BSD FOREVER Lo Grips
Seat Post: Short Pivotal post


Tom Vann.

Tom sent us his super-clean looking Total Hangover H-2 in bright orange with a few other shiny bits he’s added such as; those sexy lookin’ chrome Odyssey Aerospace rims and the blue sprocket, pedals and hubs work together really well. He’s obviously planned this colour scheme out… Top marks sir, she’s a beauty!

Frame: Total Hangover H2
Bars: Shadow Vultus 9
Forks: Total Hangover
Tyres: KHE Mark Webb white pin line
Pedals: VP Components
Stem: Profile Push Stem
Cranks: Vocal Valentine
Seat: Total BMX stitched mid
Hubs: BSD street
BB: Kink
Pegs: N/A
Headset: Total BMX
Sprocket: Proper Magnalite
Rims: Odyssey Aerospace
Brake: Odyssey Evo 2
Brake Lever: Odyssey M2
Cables: Odyssey and Vocal
Grips: Odyssey Broc Raiford
Seat Post: Mankind


Anton Spielhaus.

4 Pegs? You’ve got my attention right away! This ride belongs to Anton and he’s gone for the all black look with a few oil slick parts to bring out the colour a little. Very subtle and it looks damn good. A nice choice of quality parts on here in my opinion, and you can be sure that this ride would be ready to hit the streets for some quality peg action in an instant.

Frame: BSD Passenger 20.5
Bars: Total Hangover 8.25
Forks: Wethepeople C.R.E.A.M
Tyres: Stranger Ballast 2.45
Pedals: Éclat Slash nylon
Stem: Salt + pro
Cranks: Wethepeople Royal
Seat: Stranger Reservation
Hubs: (front) Stranger Ballast, (rear) khe crisman coaster
BB: BSD Substance
Pegs: Not sure
Headset: Salt +
Sprocket: Stranger Strangergram
Rims: Odyssey Aerospace
Brake: N/A
Brake Lever: N/A
Cables: N/A
Grips: Stranger Quan
Seat Post: Salt



Jake Morrison.

Ok, so it’s another Total. So what! Most park frames are pretty boring to me, but I can certainly appreciate when people take a popular frame make the bike their own by customising it rather than buying the same ‘fashionable’ parts every other 15 year old with rich parents are buying. Take Jake’s set up here, there quite a mixture of different brands on this ride and that’s what makes it unique. Good to see riders still rockin’ a break too!

Frame: Total Voltron V2
Bars: Primo Rebar 9″
Forks: Federal Drop
Tyres: Bsd Donnasqueaks
Pedals: Odyssey JC PC
Stem: Cult Salvation
Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin’
Seat: Bsd Live Life
Hubs: Eclat Pulse Front, Colony Wasp Rear
BB: Primo
Pegs: N/A
Headset: FSA
Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive 28t
Rims: Eclat Beserk Front, Colony Rear
Brake: Odyssey Evo 2 With Odyssey Clear Pads
Brake Lever: Odyssey M2
Cables: Vocal Dual Cable, Snafu Dual to single
Grips: S&M Hoder
Seat Post: United Gyro: Odyssey GTX Detangler: Vocal

Kuba Fryc.

I’ve seen a lot of pink parts on people’s bikes lately, I guess it a colour that seems to be making a brief comeback in 2016. Those Pokemon cards in the spokes are what did it for me though… Quality work Kuba, this OS V3 looks dope! haha

Cult OS v3
Bars: Stress Sport bars xl
Forks: Primo Pro
Tyres: Merritt Option
Pedals: Eclat Slash
Stem: Stress Kirpich black
Cranks: Moongoose ?
Seat: Total logo pivotal
Hubs: Cult Match v2 female
BB: Total
Headset: Primo Stevie Churchill oil slick
Sprocket: Dartmoor BMX star
Rims: Dartmoor fortress
Grips: BSD Kriss Kyle
Seat Post: Shadow pivotal

Ryan Baines.

Last, and certainly not the least we have a stunning ride from one of our FB Group Admin – Ryan. He deserves a massive pat on the back as he bosses it controlling the number of fake accounts, spam posts, any violation of group rules and generally keeps the place clean and tidy. When he’s not Adminning (is that a word?) for us, or his own brand @instabmxs  he’s out shredding on his incredibly pristine ride which you’ll see above. Top lad!

Federal x DUB Chiller 20.420
Bars: Fit Begin 9.420
Forks: BSD Ghetto v3
Tyres: Cult Deheart 2.4
Pedals: Primo JJ
Stem: S&M XLT Shield Wrap
Cranks: Primo HollowBite
Seat: BSD Beverage
Hubs: Vocal Hitchhiker Front, Profile Zcoaster Rear
Pegs: Unknown???
Headset: BSD
Sprocket: S&M X-Man Shield Wrap
Brake: N/A
Brake Lever: N/A
Cables: N/A
Grips: ODI
Seat Post: WTP


Well… That’s it for now! Don’t be mad if your ride hasn’t made it into this round though. I’ll be doing plenty of these features, maybe 2 a month so if I haven’t featured yours then it’s just a matter of time.

Cheers again for looking and just a side-note; it’s not massively important what your bike looks like. Or even how it rides, I’ve seen some incredible street riders shutting spots down on a busted-up, D.I.Y spray painted bike with loads of spokes missing. It’s all down to the rider and ultimately about having fun using what you’ve got! – Remember that.


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