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Nice Set Up: Round 18

It’s been a little while since we did a Nice Set Up feature. Our Sticky Post over in the Ride UK group over on Facebook is constantly being bombarded with so many lush custom BMX bikes these days so I thought it was about time to hit you guys with some freshness. As usual we have a right ol’ mixture of park/street/trails setups to browse through. So here goes… It’s ROUND 18 time!

Morgan Godwin.

Name: Morgan Godwin
Location: Wigan

Morgan has had a dialled ride for as long as I can remember. He’s a good kid with a great attitude towards riding and always getting something new to freshen his ride up. His Fiend Varanyak was recently featured on Fiend‘s & Unleaded BMX distro’s FB ride so I’m guessing they like it too. Sick 4 pegged whip ready for the streets!

Frame: Fiend Varanyak 20.75”
Bars: BSD Raiders 10″ rise 28″ wide
Forks: BSD Ghetto v3
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueeks 2.4
Pedals: Premium slims
Stem: Division
Cranks: BSD Substance 175mm
Seat: Profile
Hubs: (front) Cult (rear) Cult freecoaster v1 shell v2 internals
BB: Alone 22mm
Pegs: Animal Butcher plastics
Headset: Colony
Sprocket: BSD Superlite 3D
Rims: Shadow Conspiracy
Grips: BSD Paley
Seatpost: Unknown
Chain: Cult 410


Tom Moon.

Name: Tom Moon
Location: Derby

Tom Moon and his brother Ben both ride BMX. These lads are from Derby they have pretty sweet rides. It is known… (GoT quote) – I’m certain that I featured Ben’s a while back so it’s only fair for me to shout out his bro too!

Frame: Mutiny Comb 20.9″
Bars: S&M Credence 8.75 rise 28″ wide
Forks: Eclat Stevie Churchill
Tyres: Fly Rampera 2.35
Pedals: Eclat Slash
Stem: Shadow Chula black
Cranks: Primo Pro 170mm
Seat: Mutiny Badge and Bones
Hubs: (front) G sport marmoset rear Primo Freemix polished
BB: Alone 22mm
Pegs: Primo plastics 1 Shadow plastic
Headset: Federal
Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia polished
Rims: Cinema 777
Grips: Odyssey Sean Sexton
Seat Post: Mutiny Tripod
Chain: Shadow Interlock chrome
Hub guards: BSD Jersey Barrier x2 on front Primo plastic x2 on the back

Tyler Cook.

Name: Tyler Cook
Location: Carlisle

Quite a mixture of parts on this ride sent in by Tyler Cook ranging from a Hyper Mainiac frame to Snafu, Blank, Animal, Stolen, WTP and the list goes on… Just goes to show you don’t have to be loyal to one company really, you can always customise your ride to suit your taste.

Frame: Hyper Mainiac 20.8
Forks: Snafu Magical
Headset: BSD with drone cap
Stem: Blank Compound V2
Bars: Snafu Illingworth 8.75″
Grips: ODI
Bar ends: Animal
Hubs: Profile Mini LHD
Spokes: Titanium Hobson cycles rainbow
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Seat: Total
Seat post: Stolen Thermalite
Tyres: Tioga Street Block 2.25
Cranks: WTP Royal v2
Pedals: Premium PC
Sprocket: Savage components
Chain: Vocal half link
BB: Vocal Vice DRS


Brandon Sunter.

Name: Brandon Sunter
Location: Milton Keynes

I think the colour combo of Brandon Sunter‘s WTP Clash works so well. Green & Purple always look amazing together and his choice of parts are on point.

WTP Clash
Forks: Eclat Stevie
Bars: S&M FU-bars
Stem: Subrosa Highlife
Grips: Eclat Zap
Cranks: BSD Substance
Pedals: Animal Hamilton
Sprocket: Subrosa Magnum
Chain: Shadow v2
Seat: Federal Royal
Post: Animal Wedge
Wheels: (front) BSD Street pro on G-Sport Ribcage
Back: Demolition Rotator coaster on G-Sport Ribcage
Guards: BSD Jersey Barriers
Pegs: Fiend Belmont pc peg
Tyres: Cult Dehearts 2.35


Cole Mcleod.

Name: Cole Mcleod
Location: Ontario, Canada

All of the colours! Cole Mcleod has fully embraced the ‘Galaxy’ theme to add a bit of colour to his whip and I’ve gotta say it looks pretty damn good!

Frame: WTP 2013 Miami Fade
Forks: Demolition Elites
Bars: Demolition Rigs
Stem: Eclat Sean Burns
Sprocket: Colony CC
Cranks: BSD Substance
Back Rim: G-Sport Ribcage
Front Rim: G-Sport birdcage
Back Hub: Colony coaster
Front Hub: Odyssey ltd Antigram
Treads: BSD Donnasqueek
Pedals: Odyssey Galaxy

Theo le Roux.

Name: Theo le Roux
Location: South Africa

So… many BSD parts! Pretty much everything on this bike is made by BSD barring the Primo forks & random Giant pedals.

 WTP Scorpio Frame 21″
Bars: BSD Raider Bars 10″
Forks: Primo Kamikaze v3 Forks
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueak Sand Tire 2.4″ front & rear
Pedals: Giant Pedals
Stem: BSD Blackneck Stem Front Loader
Cranks: BSD Substance 2 Piece CrankSet
Seat: BSD Stamp Slim Pivotal Seat
Hubs: (front) BSD Frontstreet Pro hub, (rear) BSD Westcoaster freecoaster
BB: BSD Substance 22mm Mid bb
Pegs: N/A
Headset: BSD Black headset
Sprocket: BSD Superlite Sprocket 25t
Rims: (front) Odyssey Hazard, (rear) Odyssey Hazard Lite
Grips: BSD Forever Lo Grips
Seat Post: Unsure

Kieran McCarroll.

Name: Kieran McCarroll
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Spokey dokes? Instantly stoked. Kieran‘s ride deserves a feature just for those alone. Say no more…

Frame: BSD Raider 21.6
Forks: Odyssey R32
Bars: Fit Begin
Stem: Odyssey SXTN
Cranks: BSD Substance
Seat: Mutiny
Front Hub: Odyssey Antigram
Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch
Rims: Odyssey Hazard
Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix
Sprocket: Odyssey Hawk
Chain: KMC
Grips: Odyssey
Headset: Odyssey
BB: Vocal DRS
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueaks
Shoelace: N/A
Spokie Dokies: Matalan

Neil Nibzy Coomber.

Name: Neil Nibzy Coomber
Location: East Sussex

Who’d have thought black, orange & blue would actually go together so well. Totally thought this colour combination would clash like mad but it really works! Nice white cloth background to make those colours POP too.

Frame: WTP Trust
Bars: Sunday Tall T
Forks: Sunday Morning
Tyres: Odyssey Hawk 2.2 (front & rear)
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Stem: Shadow Conspiracy Strike front load
Cranks: Saltplus stock
Seat: Éclat Oz
Hubs: Saltplus stock
BB: Saltplus stock
Pegs: GT Vanguard x4
Headset: Saltplus stock
Sprocket: Éclat Sylar 25t
Rims: Éclat Trippin’ f&r stock
Grips: Odyssey Boss
Seatpost: Kink Stump
Chain: Cheap Half link
Gyro: Vocal
Brake: Odyssey Springfield
Cables: Vocal upper and lower
Hub Guards: None

Jake Morrison.

Name: Jake Morrison
Location: Glenrothes

All black errythinnng! I do love a stealthy lookin’ ride. Black frames/parts always look the part and will never go out of fashion (if you care about all of that jazz!)

Frame: Mutiny Cosmotron
Bars: Fiend
Forks: Sunday
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueaks
Pedals: Odyssey JC PC
Stem: Cult Salvation
Cranks: Stranger Crux
Seat: Federal Dan Lacey
Hubs: Cult on front Eclat Teck rear
BB: Primo
Headset: BSD with Urban Art Cover
Sprocket: Stranger Guard
Rims: Gsport Rollcage Front Gsport Ribcage rear
Grips: BSD Dan Paley
Seatpost: Not sure


Ziad England.

Name: Ziad England
Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Ziad‘s ride might not be the most ‘bling’ setup we’ve featured but that’s fine, I’m all about giving the underdog a chance. I like the fact that he’s been quite modest about it saying; “I know it’s not much but working on it” – Fair play, we’ve all been there mate! Just change it up one part at a time and you’ll be laughing.

Frame: Mongoose Culture
Bars: WeThePeople
Forks: Mongoose
Tyres: Haro back, Mafia Front
Pedals: Mongoose
Stem: Cult
Cranks: Mongoose, oilslicked my self
Seat: WeThePeople Camo
Hubs: GT and Mongoose
BB: Sealed unknown
Pegs: N/A
Headset: Probably Mongoose
Sprocket: GT
Rims: Alienation
Grips: ODI
Seat Post: WeThePeople


Tina Hudson.

Name: Tina Hudson
Location: Leicester

So your girlfriend tells you she wants to learn how to ride BMX. What do you do?… Build her a bike of course! Stephen Thomas did just that. You’ll probably remember Stephen’s ride from a couple articles back (the pink Total Hangover H2 with pretty much Ti everything) – Well I think it’s pretty cool he’s spent a lot of time & money to get his girl riding fresh. Props homie!

Frame: WTP Scorpio
Bars: BSD
Forks: Colony
Tyres: Demolition Momentum front, Konatakt rear
Pedals: Eclat plastic
Stem: Salt Plus
Cranks: Unsure (in progress of looking for new ones)
Seat: BSD pivotal
Hubs: Proper Microlite front…. Proper K7 rear
BB: Standard
Headset: Salt Plus
Sprocket: TLC Bikes Racekor
Rims: Alienation Delinquent
Brake: Odyssey Springfield
Cables: Sunday
Grips: ODI

Greggory James French.

Name: Greggory James French
Location: Nottingham

I’m a big fan of the BSD WZA‘s, they just seem to keep getting better and better with each revision of the frame. Also, it’s hard to miss but a street setup in front of some quality signage is always a winner. Street riders know…

Frame: BSD WZA V4
Forks: Fiend Embryo
Bars: Animal Big Four
Grips: Cult Alex Kennedy Signature
Stem: Banned Sludge
Sprocket: Cult OS Guard 25 Tooth
Cranks: Primo Powerbites V2
Back rim: Cinema 777
Front rim: Cinema 777
Back hub: BSD Street
Front hub: BSD Street
Front Tyre: Cult Dehart
Rear Tyre: Odyssey Aitken
Pedals: Fiend JJ Palmere
Pegs: BSD Crack Pipe x4
Headset: BSD
Seat: Fiend Mid Pivotal
Seat Post: BSD Blitzed Long
Hubguards: Jersey Barrier x4
Chain: BSD Half Link

And that concludes today’s #NICESETUP feature. We’ve still got plenty more to show you but we’ll save ’em for the next one. Cheers for looking! If you fancy submitting your own ride then follow the link below and keep an eye out for the Pinned Post at the top of our Group Page.

Until next time!


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