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NICE SET UP: Round 17

So here we are yet again, it’s time for another round of #NICESETUP. It’s been a while and I know a few of you have been itching to see your rides featured here. So apologies for the delay anyway guys, those who know me will know that I’ve had quite a lot on my plate at the moment! haha. With these features, I’m always trying to put together a nice mixture of rides. I’ve featured all sorts. From the old school rides with dinner plates for sprockets, the mid-schoolers which bring back some amazing memories, to the oil slicked new school jobbies with titanium spokes and more colours than the rainbow. Whatever tickles your fancy, we’re sure to have them in at least one of our Nice Set Up features. Have a browse and enjoy…

Jamie Reynolds.

Name: Jamie Reynolds

Jamie has changed quite a few parts since the last time we featured his ride on #NICESETUP. He has added mostly S&M/Colony parts to it and it’s fair to say that he’s proabably spent a bomb on his ride already with all of the Ti parts. Not my cuppa tea normally but props, it’s lookin’ good man!


Frame: S&M x SourceBMX ATFids 21.25″
Forks: S&M Pitchfork XLT
Bars: S&M FU-Bar 10″
Grips: S&M Hoder BTM
Bar Ends: Colony Konka
Stem: Colony Official stem w/ TLC Bikes ti stem bolts/Shadow Conspiracy carbon fibre spacers
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colony 22’s
BB: Colony mid 22mm
Chain: KMC K710SL
Sprocket: Snafu Ola sprocket 28T
Pedals: Éclat Surge
Seat: Colony Shield seat
Post: Colony seatpost/TLC Bikes ti seatclamp bolt
Hubs: Colony Wasp hubs
Rims: Colony Contour rims
Spokes: BSD double butted spokes/TLC Bikes alloy nipples/TLC Bikes ti axle bolts
Tyres:S&M Mainline 2.425″ (Front), S&M Speedball 2.10″ (Rear)
Brake: Mankind Truth brake
Lever: Odyssey Monolever medium/TLC Bikes ti lever clamp bolt
Cable: Colony linear cable
Mounts: S&M brake mount kit

Felix Alexander.

Name: Felix Alexander
Location: Norwich, UK.

“Cash rules everything around me C.R.E.A.M get the money, dollar dollar bill ya’ll!” – Had to say it. These WTP frames are built to last and look the tits and Felix’s ride is kitted out with plenty of nice parts from brands such as; Odyssey, Profile, Stranger, Animal, Fit & GSport (just to name a few)  – Loved the look of this one!


Frame: WeThePeople C.R.E.A.M 21tt
Bars: Odyssey Boss 9.125
Forks: Odyssey R32 (anything but?????)
Tyres: Odyssey Hawk (O.G now lol)
Pedals: Odyssey Grandstands
Stem: Profile Mulville Push 53mm
Cranks: Profile Racing
Seat: Stranger
Hubs: Profile Minis ltd edt army green
BB: Odyssey
Pegs: Fit O.G’s 112mm
Headset: Odyssey
Sprocket: Profile Blackjack 28t
Rims: G Sport rollcages
Brake: Not about that life
Grips: S&M Hoder
Seat Post: Animal

Stuart Duncan.

Name: Stuart Duncan
Location: Stonehaven, UK.

Stuart purchased this WTP Envy on eBay for the measly price of £100 and when it arrived he realised it was basically brand new, sure it had no wheels but he’s changed a few parts up since then. Always stoked to see people building bikes up and adding newer and better parts to them, I’ve been there myself… I’m sure we all have!


Frame: WTP Envy 2011
Bars: WTP Envy
Forks: WTP Envy
Tyres: Odyssey Dugan
Pedals: Eclat
Stem: Odyssey SXTN
Cranks: Eclat Tibia
Seat: Sunday Tiger Tie Dye
Hubs: Superstar Overdrive
BB: Salt
Headset: Salt
Sprocket: United Metro 23t
Rims: Superstar Duty
Grips: ODI
Seatpost: Demolition Tripod

Sam Bills.

Name: Sam Bills
Location: Balderton, UK.

Sam Bills does not only have a cool name, but his bike is pretty sweet too. He’s not too sure which model Colony frame this is but knows it’s around 6 years old and the main thing is it’s lasted him!


Frame: Colony
Bars: Fit Savage
Forks: Fit Fk1.0
Tyres: Odyssey Hawk Big Logos
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Pc
Stem: Fit Benny L
Cranks: Fit Indent
Seat: Fit Barstool
Hubs: Colony Wasps front and rear
BB: Profile
Pegs: Fit Steel
Headset: Odyssey Conical
Sprocket: Colony Menace Guard
Rims: Shadow Corvus front and rear
Brake: Vans (or whatever other shoes I have on)
Grips: Fit Savage red/black swirl
Seatpost: Colony

Andre Bonnici.

Name: Andre Bonnici
Location: Boyle, Ireland.

Andre is one of my homies over in Ireland and it’s fair to say he gives his bike a good thrashing (when he can ride it of course) – He’s currently healing up from a broken ankle and should be back riding pretty soon… If he lets it heal and stops riding in a cast, that is! Stupid boy.


Frame: United Rigal
Bars: BSD Passenger
Forks: Salt
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueaks in blue
Pedals: BSD Safari
Stem: Demolition Keystone
Cranks: Vocal Valentine
Seat: BSD blue leather
Hubs: Rear wtp front madera
BB: Subrosa Bitchin’
Pegs: X2 Eclat Venoms, X2 United
Headset: Eclat
Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu
Rims: Eclat Bondi
Bar Ends: BSD Paley metal/plastic
Grips: BSD Dan Paley’s

Ryan Jones.

Name: Ryan Jones
Location: Portsmouth, UK.

Ryan decided to custom painte his BSD Passenger frame one day and sent over a couple of snaps he’d taken, personally I think he’s done a pretty awesome job. I bet it sparkles like a bitch in the sunlight!


Frame: BSD Passenger
Forks: BSD Ghetto V3
Tyres: Demolition Machete/WTP Grippin
Pedals: Odyssey Twist
Stem: BSD Boozer
Cranks: United
Seat: Amity RD
Hubs: Profile Elite
Pegs: Cinema
Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia
Rims: Gsport Birdcage
Grips: ODI

Zsolt Kovács.

Name: Zsolt Kovács
Location: Hungary.

Zsolt is a shredder from Hungary (as it blatantly says above.) I’m always interested to see what foreign riders’ bikes are like since we all have our own take on what is ‘stylish’ or looks good to us. His BSD RVIDXR V2 did not disappoint, such a beauty!


Fork: BSD Acid FXXK
Bars: BSD Giraffic Bars
Stem: Eclat Fist
Grips: BSD Dan Paley Slims
Headset: BSD Integrated
Front Wheel:
Hub: Saltplus Trapez
Spokes: Shadow
Rim: GSport Rollcage
Tyre: BSD Donnasqueak 2.40
Seat: BSD Safari
Seatpost: Fiend Team
Cranks: Xposure Infinity
Sprocket: BSD Superlite
Chain: 34r Orto
Pegs: BSD Rude Tubes
Pedals: BSD Safari
Back Wheel:
Hub: Salt Pro
Spokes: BSD
Rim: GSport Rollcage
Tyre: BSD Donnasqueak
Hub Guards: Saltplus back and front

Patrick Bradley.

Name: Patrick Bradley
Location: Dublin, Ireland.

We’ve got another Irish shredder on our hands here, and also the image used for our header. Loved the beach shot and I’m always a sucker for a set of 4pc bars. Looks a treat this one!


Frame: Sunday Second Wave 20.75″
Bars: Odsy Fourfour bars 8.6″
Forks: Odyssey Classic Dirt Forks
Stem: Eclat Burns
Headset: Eclat Cargo
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Bar Ends: WTP Drops
Seat: Shadow Crow (fat)
Seatpost: Eclat Torch offset
Post Clamp: Odyssey mr Clampy
Pedals: Odyssey JCPC’s
Cranks: Primo Powerbites
Sprocket: Eclat Vent 25t
BB: Eclat 22mm BB
Chain: KMC 910
Pegs: Odyssey Mpegs
Hub Guards: Gsport glands/Cult guard

Front Wheel:
Front Tyre: Cult Dehart 2.1″
Rim: Eclat Berserk
Hub: WTP Supreme

Rear Wheel: 
Tyre: Cult Dehart 2.1″
Rim: GSport Rollcage
Hub: Primo Remix

Lewis Gulliver.

Name: Lewis Gulliver
Location: Ibstock, UK.

Lewis is a regular on our group and is constantly updating his bike, this is the most recent snap of his ride and it’s clear to see that he’s a fan of the stealthy look.


Frame: Total Voltron V2
Bars: S&M Credence
Forks: Odyssey R32
Tyres: Cult Vans
Pedals: Cult plastic
Stem: FlyBikes Alta
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts
Seat: Cult Dak tripod
Hubs: FlyBikes Trébol front, Colony Wasp rear
BB: Odyssey mid
Pegs: N/A
Headset: FSA
Sprocket: Cult OS bashguard
Rims: FlyBikes Trébol
Brake: N/A
Grips: Odyssey Cufflinks
Seat Post: Mutiny Tripod
Chain: Cult 410

Leon Marshall.

Name: Liam Edwards
Location: Derby, UK.

Federal Hamilton frames were so much fun to ride, I used to have a 19.5″ one and it spun for days. Also Stevie is a good friend and one of my heroes so Liam’s bike just had to be featured.


Frame: Federal Hamilton
Bars: Alone Emergency
Forks: Haro Zebra
Tyres: Fit t/a 2.3″
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted pc
Stem: Social topload
Cranks: Haro
Seat: Premium Collage
Hubs: Female Tensile (front), Odyssey Cassette (rear)
Pegs: Federal
Headset: Premium
Sprocket: Odyssey 28t MDS
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite front, Odyssey Quadrant back
Brake: N/A
Grips: ODI Longneck
Seatpost: Profile
Chain: Gusset Slink half link

Britney Tatton.

Name: Britney Tatton
Stoke-On-Trent, UK.

It’s Britney bitch! (I’m really sorry, I’ll get my coat…) – It’s worth mentioning that this is possibly a first for our #NICESETUP feature, can’t recall having a female rider’s bike on here before. Might have to do a the one with all female riders next time, that’s be sick. This Subrosa Balum is kitted out with some nice parts, and Animal 4pc bars? She knows…


Frame: Subrosa Balum
Bars: Animal 4 piece
Forks: Eclat
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueaks
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
Stem: United Valentino
Cranks: Primo Powerbites
Seat: Stranger Animal print
Hubs: Stranger oil slick
BB: Federal
Pegs: 2 Butchers 2 Federal metals
Headset: Salt
Sprocket: Primo Aneyelator
Rims: Cinema
Grips: ODI longnecks

Marc Wills.

Name: Marc Wills
Catrine, UK.
I’m definitely ALVX prejudice. I own one and just know how nice of a frame they actually are to ride, so every time I see one in a different colour I can’t help but feature it! My bad… This beauty from Marc Wills looks the part, not too OTT and I love a good ol’ tennis ball in the front wheel for good measure.


Frame: BSD ALVX 20.8
Bars: BSD Zing Bars
Forks: Primo Pro Forks
Tyres: Cult Dehart 2.40
Pedals: BSD Safari Pedals
Stem: Stranger Haze Stem
Cranks: BSD Substance Cranks
Seat: Demoltion x Markit Seat with Stranger Tripod Post
Hubs: Cult Front Hub and Alienation Rear hub
Pegs: BSD Rude Tubes
Headset: Primo
Sprocket: Stranger Gram Guard Sprocket
Rims: Cult Front Rim and Alienation Rear
Grips: S&M Hoder Grips

Street Dave.

Name: David Jones aka ‘Street Dave’

Street Dave’s bike has to be equipped to destroy anything he sets his sights on. I think Dave Young’s Kink signature frame and a whole bunch of mid school favourites such as the Primo Haemorrhoid seat, O.G Redneck stem and a bunch of other parts from the same era should do the trick. This thing is a weapon! Still rockin’ 48 spoke wheels too… Dave is a boss.


Frame: Dave Young Kink
Bars: GT/Powerlite
Forks: Odyssey 41 Thermals 14mm
Tyres: Unbranded
Stem: OG Redneck
Cranks: Sputnik
Seat: Primo Hemorrhoid / S&M Pivotal Converter
Headset: Random bits
Sprocket: Kink Sexdrive 43T
Rims: 48 spoke rims  & Hubs, 16T Freewheel
Brake: N/A
Grips: Bootleg fake longneck
Seat Post: Long cheap pivotal

Rafael Khalil.

Name: Rafael Khalil

Rafael always has a beauty of a ride and his latest creation proves just that. His custom Cult AK frame which has pretty-much entirely Cult parts, minus the odd Odyssey or Shadow bit here and there looks a right treat!


Frame: Cult AK
Bars: Cult
Forks: Cult
Tyres: Cult Dehart Slick 2.4
Pedals: Cult
Stem: Shadow Ravager
Cranks: Cult
Seat: Shadow Crow Mid Pivotal
Hubs: Cult
BB: Shadow Stack Mid
Headset: Odyssey Pro
Sprocket: Shadow Scream
Rims: Cult
Grips: Cult AK
Seatpost: Shadow Pivotal


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