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NICE SET UP: Round 14

Welcome ladies and gents to rund 15 of #NICESETUP!

We’ve got some beauties which were sent over via our RideUKBMX FB Group to show you lot today. Quite a mixture of rides submitted this time around; from street whips to dialled park machines, brakes, no brakes, pegs, no pegs, whatever tickles your fancy it’ll be in here..

Nathan Humphries

Nathan Humphries sent over this great example of a BSD ALVX in clear coat raw, always been a fan of a raw setup and how he’s got the bars to match! Looks the part with that Mac seat & grips, loving the colour scheme.

 BSD ALVX clear coat raw 21″tt
Forks: Federal Liquid v2
Stem: Sunday top load
Bars: BSD Raider clear coat raw
Grips: BSD Paleys
Bar ends: Odyssey Par Ends
Seat: Primo Mac
Seat post: BSD
Cranks: Fly Dolmen
Pedals: BSD safari
Sprocket: Deluxe Pompom 28t
Headset: BSD
Tires: BSD Donnakebab 2.4″ and 2.25″ (Donnasqueaks obvs)
Front wheel: Bicycle Union hub on Animal rim
Rear wheel: BL ideal with ti axle and driver
Chain: BSD 1991


Szymon Grzelak

It’s probably the green tyres which drew my attention in, maybe it was the tennis ball in the front wheel… Who knows? But this WTP Sterling looks the tits I think you’ll agree!

WTP Sterling 20.9
Bars: WTP Wham (sterling) cut down to 28″.
Forks: Odyssey classic race
Grips: Odyssey Sexton
Barends: Odyssey Par ends
Stem: Shadow Chula
Headset: Odyssey
Cranks: Stereo psychedelic 2.5 pc
Sprocket: Proper microlite 28t
Chain: Cult 410
Pedals: Cult nylon
Seat: Fit barstool
Front wheel:
Rim: Cinema 777
Hub: Profile mini
Spokes: BSD spokes
Rear wheel:
Rim: Odyssey hazardlite
Hub: Primo freemix w/nylon freemix NDSG guard
Spokes: Vocal spokes
Pegs: Federal Plastic
Tyres: Shadow Strada Nuova 2.30″


Theo le Roux

Theo fired this one over via our group and it was such a colourful and unique looking setup I thought it was well worth sharing! Some dope parts on this too.

Wethepeople Scorpio frame 21″
Headset: Odyssey integrated
Bars: Bsd Raider bars 10″
Stem: Xposure
Forks: Primo kamikaze v3 
Front wheel: Odyssey hazard
Back wheel: BSD backstreet pro hub with odyssey hazard lite rim
Sprocket: Mongoose 25t 6mm
Seat: Fit bike slim pivotal
Cranks: BSD Substance
Chain: KMC
Pedals: Giant
Grips: BSD dan Paley Slim
Tyres: BSD donna squeak 2.4″ & 2.25″

Corey Moore

Corey Moore has gone for the jet fuel/oil slick mixed with black and it works a treat, seen it done before and always look good!

Total Voltron v1.
Bars: Snafu Illingworth.
Forks: Snafu Magical.
Tyres: KHE Mac 2 foldable.
Pedals: odyssey twist.
Stem: Fit Bike Co.
Cranks: McNeil Conjoined v2.
Seat: Bonedeth the vibrator.
Hubs: Profile Minis.
BB: Colony.
Pegs: n/a
Headset: Armour Bikes integrated.
Sprocket: Armour Bikes cyclop.
Rims: Front- Alienation Skylark. Back- Gsport Ribcage.
Brake: n/a
Brake Lever: n/a
Cables: n/a
Grips: ODI’s
Seat Post: WeThePeople


Austin White

Austin’s Set Up
His Girlfriend’s ride is pretty sweet too!

Austin White‘s whip looks almost as good as his girlfriends! Haha just kidding, they’re equally as sick!

Fork: Odyssey r25
Bar: Cult Cuatro
Stem: Mutiny Lifted v2
Cranks: Fit Indent 19’s
Sprocket: Odyssey LaGuardia (MDSII) 28t
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock
Seat: Federal Logo
Seat Post: Deco
Front Wheel: Primo 7 series laced to Simple Eject v2
Rear Wheel: Primo VS laced to Primo Freemix Pro
Pedals: Cult
Pegs: Deco
Tires: Cult Vans reflective checkered wall
Grips: ODI Longneck
IG: @nobikesallowed


Lukas Michel

Speaking of colorful setups this one from Lukas Michel is a bit of a blinder! A very park oriented ride but those BSD WZA bars still keep a bit of street integrity.

Hyper Mainiac
Forks: Snafu Magical
Stem: Salt plus
Grips: BSD
Seat: WTP
Seat Post: WTP
Cranks: Total Bmx Hangover
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC galaxy
Sprocket: Shadow Serpent
BB: Not sure
Hubs: Profile Mini back, Prism front
Rims: Alienation Black Sheep – Alienation Deviant
Spokes: Colony oilslick
Tires: Khe Mark Webb Khe Mac 2 park


Tyler Cook

Young Tyler Cook posted this shot of his bike in our group with the caption, “Needs work but I’m only 13” – That’s fair enough Tyler, plenty of time yet! Just build it up gradually and you’ll have your dream set up eventually mate.

Total Voltron v2 20.6
Forks: proper ttl
Headset: BSD intergrated
Stem: Salt AM
Bars: United Williams XL
Grips: BSD Dan Paley
Front Wheel: Wethepeople
Rear Wheel: Amity
Tyres: KHE Mac2 park folding
Chain: Cult 440
Cranks: Blank Generation
Pedals: Colony Fantastic
Seat: BSD Beverage
Bottom Bracket: Arcane


Alex Le-roy

Obligatory bike shop snap from Alex Le-roy. My guess is he must’ve just had some new parts banged on his bike and decided to take a snap after! Why not eh? It’s a lush Fit WiFi setup.

Fit WiFi 20.75
Bars: Cult AK 10″
Stem: United Metro
Grips/Barends: Cult vans/Cult
Forks: Cult sect IC
Headset: Shadow stacked
Seat: Markit Enarson
Seatpost: Stranger
Cranks: Shadow killer
Sprocket: BSD 3D
Pedals: Odyssey JCPC
Rims: Shadow corvus
Hubs: Shadow raptor
Tyres: Volume Vader
Pegs: Animal Butcher x 3
Chain: Shadow interlock V2


Ryan Bennett

I just saw a profile blackjack and was like, “yep, it’s going in there!” don’t even care if I’m being bias but hell yeah dude what a sprocket! Ryan Bennett has a few choice parts on his whip and looks pretty smart with those green Vans tyres

Cult AK
Grips: Cult Faith grips x bar ends
Bars: Subrosa Party Bars
Headset: Division headset
Stem: Sunday Freeze stem
Forks: Odssey r32 forks
Rims: Alienation Skylark front and back
Front Hub: Colony Wasp
Rear Hub: Profile Z Coaster
Spokes: Primo
Seat: Sunday Principle
Post: Sunday Principle
Sprocket: Profile Blackjack
BB: Subrosa Bitchin’
Chain: Odyssey Keychain
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Pegs: Eclát Venom pegs plastic sleeves x4
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Guards: Gsport hub guards x4
Tyres: Cult Vans tyres
Duct tape as rim tape
Kenda tubes.


Jamie-Lee Smith

Up next we have another shiny whip in the form of a purple Total Voltron v2 sent over by Jamie-Lee Smith on our FB Group. Smart as a carrot this one!

Total Voltron v2 frame
Bars: Total GS
Forks: Total GS
Cranks: Colony cranks
Stem: Stem
Pedals: Pedals
Rear Wheel: Bsd cinema custom
Front Wheel: Black label
Seat: Odyssey seat
Tyres: Fit
Sprocket: Fit
Pegs: Demolition
Grips: Odi Grips
Bar Ends: Fatality
Seatpost: Savage Components

Ben McPike

Finally we have a beast of a street whip from Ben Pike. Scratches, marks on the tyres, manky seat and plenty of use and abuse. The tell tale signs of a true street riders bike. Always wear those battle scars with pride…

Frame: WeThePeople Justice
Forks: Odyssey R32
Bars: BSD Highlanders
Grips: Cult AK
Stem: Salvation V1
Headset: Primo
Pegs: 3 BSD rude tubes
Tyres: BSD DonnaSqueaks
Front wheel: Shadow Hub laced to odyssey Hazard lite rim
Rear wheel: Colony Hub laces to alienation blacksheep rim
Cranks: BSD Substance
Pedals: Odyssey twisted
Seatpost: Demolition
Seat: Federal mid



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