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FRIDAY RANDOMS: Oi, That’s My Motor!

For some reason over the past week or two there have been a few ‘Car Jumping’ photos floating about online, I’ve seen them on various BMX pages, from local crews and we’ve even had a few dropped in our inbox. Rather than let these quality snaps go to waste I thought it’d be a nice thing to do for a Friday Randoms feature and also fire a few memorable ones from pros we’ve seen over the years.

Also, what is it with riders jumping Lambos?!… We have like 5 of them featured in this article alone! I guess it’s THE choice of car if you wanna jump something expensive-lookin’ – We also have a Citroen C2, Toyota Corolla and other various motors in here for you pistonheads. If you fancy sending us your own shots of car jumping shenanigans then fire ’em over to:


#1 – Scotty Cranmer

Thought I’d kick this one off with a bit of a bang! I’m sure by now we all know that Scotty Cranmer is a badass who likes to keep pushing himself to the limits and enjoying himself every step of the way. He owns a sweet Nissan GTR and has plenty of fun when he’s behind the wheel of the beast but his latest webisode is a rather risky one, as you’ll probably have guessed he decides not only to jump it but to whip the GTR. Imagine the cost if that went wrong… Mental!


#2 – Lambo Roof Ride

When I first saw this clip I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I don’t know if that’s the owner of the beautiful Lamborghini texting in the white shirt but he doesn’t seem too phased by the whole thing, the restaurant guy is a bit pissed by the looks of it though. Not quite a car ‘jump’ but this one definitely makes it in here!


#3 – Tom Dugan & Aaron Ross: Let Loose With A Lambo

Tom Dugan & Aaron Ross are ballin’ in (yep, you guessed it…) a Lambo! This Empire BMX vid is well sick. After stuntin’ about the city in the absolute weapon they decide to set up a kicker and jump it – lengthways too, not sideways! Not to worry though as we know Mr. Dugan can jump pretty high… Also a few doughnuts at the end there for good measure.


#4 Jim Bauer

Odyssey‘s creative mind: Jim Bauer smashing out a manly grizz over the roof of yet another Lamborghini. This time it’s a Countach, the photograph was shot many years ago on Brighton seafront by Ricky Adam and is an absolute classic in my books.


#5 – Gary Young Porche Table

Speaking of Jim Bauer here’s another amazing shot of Gary Young blasting a table over Jim’s Porsche at Odyssey‘s warehouse & stomping grounds – Full Factory in California, shot by our very own Robin Pearson. Love this photo!


#6 – Josh Roberts Bars Over Car

One of my favourite recent shots I’ve spotted online taken by James Alcock. I’m guessing by the car reg of the C2 that this was possibly taken in Portugal maybe but I may be wrong… Regardless of where it is Josh Roberts slings the bars with ease over the roof of this hatchback resulting in one quality photo.


#7 – Anibal Mendez

Time for a few user submissions now, We got this sick ‘un sent over by Anibal Mendez from the #MIGBMX crew.

“Hey guys, I am not from the UK but here is my photo jumping a car!”

Rider: Anibal Mendez
Photo: Jose Guerra #MIGBMX


#8 – Kane Campbell

Kane Campbell jumping nice old KE 70 Toyota Corolla 1984 over in Australia which was sent in via our inbox. Gotta love the oldschool motors man…

Rider: Kane Campbell
Photo: Samuel Campbell


#9 – Ethan James

Had this photo sent over by Ethan James after seeing our post on FB. Nice big pop over a Subaru if I’m not mistaken…


#10 – Jim C’s Healthy Ankles

Jim C was one of my favourite riders back in the day and I remember being stoked from seeing this pic back in 2008 saying he was getting back into riding after not being able to ride for about 4 months due to bad ankles. This car launch was his way of getting back into it… Fair play!


#11 – Alex D Polo Pop

Alex Donnachie blasting a huge tuck out of a kicker at high speed to clear an F reg VW Polo.


#12 – Chicken Turndown Over Car

Chicken boosting a huge turndown out of a dodgy runup/takeoff over a corsa loaded up with bikes while the passenger takes a snap from inside of the car.


#13 – Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan Pegs To Car Hop

Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan a true legend in the game popping a pegs to huge hop over a car full of teammates during WHP 2012.


#14 – Brad McNicol Car 180

Another sweet WHP 2012 shot as then Premium, now Haro rider Brad McNicol boosts a massive 180 over an upside down car!


#15 – Luke Fairey Undercar Uprail

Luke Fairey blasting an uprail on the underside of a car (as you do) for Premium during WHP 2012.


#16 – Phil Aller 360 Car Turndown

Last one from our WHP car jumps and it’s a corker… Phil Aller smashing out a clicked 360 turndown for the boys at Stolen.


#17 – Dan Bob Stay Strong Team Bus Jump

Bus hop from Dan Bob ‘aka’ Sneaky Russian during the RTG Stay Strong trip. A personal favourite.


#18 – Mole Downwhipping The Team Bus

It was one of the challenges and Chris ‘Mole’ Smith sent this massive downwhip over the team bus to tick it off the list. All in a day’s work!

Photo by: Dunk.


#19 – Bob Manchester Team Bus Jump

The same challenge was also ticked off for the Hoffman Bikes team after Bob Manchester jumped the team bus.

Photo by: Robin Pearson.


#20 – Stephen Murray Rise & Fall

Last but by no means least we have the legendary Stephen Murray with one of the sickest turndown flips I’ve seen over anything let alone a bloody bling’d up Porsche. Taken from our Rise & Fall feature in issue #129 of Ride UK.



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