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FRIDAY RANDOMS: Good Cop / Bad Cop

We take a look at the good & bad side of law enforcement for this week’s Friday Randoms.

I think it’s good to see local law enforcement doing something positive within their communities, going to parks and getting involved. Police are people too, we tend to forget that because once they’re in a uniform we tar them all with the same brush but some officers can be pretty cool. The majority usually are decent people who are doing their job and want to help afterall. Who knows, they may have even rode BMX years ago, messed about on their friend’s or might still have a blast down the skatepark when not on duty. – Good cop.

Then on the other side of it, you get the dicks. Those cops or security guards who just love to give us all a hard time. I’ve dealt with this type before… Probably was the bully in school, left and joined the police force so they could continue to be bullies. I’ve had a few run in’s with this type of police officer before and they’re just power mad, nothing you can say will appease them because they’re just interested in giving you a hard time. – Bad cop.


This American cop hops on a kid’s bike, sends a flyout with a little cheeky tweak then proceeds to attempt a 3 pivot. Props to you officer!

Credit: Joaquin Ayora Varea


This security guard takes his job way too seriously, I mean who pissed in this guys cereal? Absolutely no need to go on the way he did, especially in front of a young kid. I’d of went to his superiors with the footage and ensured this guy got fired!

Credit: Matt Poteet Films


We got a local cop to ride the bowl and you’ll see” – Pretty much what it is really, local cop gets the bottle up to roll into the bowl and pulls it first try.

Credit: drewbearbmx


Security guards get into a brawl with pro BMX rider Tyler Rizzi in Ontario, Canada. To me, it looks like the guards haven’t got a clue how to handle the situation and apparently one of them says to Tyler, “I’m going to kill you” – This is where it all kicks off and gets escalated pretty quickly as you’ll see!

Several BMX riders tangled with mall security guards in a violent confrontation. According to one biker’s account of the incident, mall cops told him and his friends, “I’m going to kill you.” The verbal harassment allegedly occurred just before the video picks up. The security company claims this is an edited video that does not portray the full story.


This cop bangs out a pretty legit hang 5 on some kids BMX while out on patrol. Can’t deny those skills bruv; “I mean, can he get it goin’” – Damn right he can!

Credit: FIZZYELF09


Harassment or nah? I think so. This cop seems to be on a high horse, very confrontational and doesn’t like it when he gets spoken back to in the same manner. He pulls the pepper spray out but doesn’t actually use it.

Credit: Filmer/Rider/Since2009



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