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Friday Randoms: BMXers suck at fighting, unless you’re a soldier.

We’ve known Senior Sergeant Adam Adey (The Sarge) for some years. He used to contribute to the magazine with Northeast related news and has always been a face on the UK scene.

BMXers suck at fighting. That’s pretty much nailed on. However, if you’re a soldier it’s your job to be good at it. Adam has been in the armed forces for 16 years. We asked him what it’s like being a BMXer in the army.

Got a 17mm Sarge?

Adam, how long have you been in the armed forces and what is your role?
Been in the army for 16 years I’ve done seven operational deployments including Bosnia Iraq and Afghanistan. Im a JTAC (joint terminal attack controller) I tell fast jets and attack helicopters where to drop bombs, from the frontline.

I guess doing a tour of duty is slightly different to a road trip in the back of a van right?
Yeah of course, unless you hit some shady spots and get shot at! The banter is good in my job, getting loads of guys in a bus or troop transport its always going to be relentless! And the smells… bleurgh.

Getting that tuck on in-between tours.

What do your colleagues think about you riding BMX?
Most of my guys are down with me riding but I’m 38 and some of the older lads give me shit in the mess about it. But I can give as good as I get. Fuck the haters!

Are there any key skills you’ve taken from BMX and the lifestyle which has made your role as a soldier easier?
I’ve ridden BMX since I was nine and love the scene, I was at many of the early Backyard Jams with Dave Young from Newcastle. I’m not obviously your typical Sergeant, I’m very chilled and take things as they come, I guess that’s the BMXer in me.

Army mates.

You’re a Senior Sergeant, is this good or bad when it comes to BMX? For example, if I was about to do a rail and bottling it I’d really like you there to help get me down that thing. On the other hand, if we were on a trip and you tried to wake the crew up at like zero five hundred hours, everyone would be pretty upset at that.
I’m a leader of men, if I can get guys to keep there heads up in a firefight then I reckon my pep talk will get your dubs down anything! I run everyday at 0600 so yep I’d be a fucking nightmare as a team manager. No space for slackers and stinkers!

You’ve created an incredible career in the Army while still living in BMX world. Are the forces something you’d recommend to BMXers as a job?
I’ll be honest I’d recommend the army to anyone, its a 9-5 job once you get past the bullshit of basic training. It does require dedication and a certain level of commitment but I have travelled the world and seen loads. This years tour includes Oman, Utah, Kenya and then Canada as well as loads of stuff in the UK.

BMX mates.

BMX is a lifestyle and has a particular freedom about it. Maybe this is why there’s not many riders like you who serve their country. Was it difficult for you to adjust?
Never had any problems adjusting to Army life no. I’ve taken breaks from riding to concentrate on my career and family but BMX will always be there, in the background, way too many good people in the UK scene, particularly up here in the Northeast.

What bike does a soldier ride these days?
Trans red S&M Hoder, Pitchforks mostly Odyssey parts and I get hooked up by Alex at Kis for stuff since I square him away with plenty of army kit! One thing the army has taught me though is to keep my bike like my rifle, immaculately clean and super dialled, BMX OCD!

What do you think of camo bike parts?
Hahaha yes! Love them but since I wear that shit day in day out I wouldn’t run them. Liked the Profile real tree but its just like Rasta parts and the whole dope/chic BMX scene which you don’t want me getting started on…


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