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10 Best Things About Riding Street

So yeah, it’s time to do another daft Top 10 article and this time I’m going for the positive side of riding street rather than focusing on the negative like I did in my previous article. Street riders will know what I’m talkin’ about with pretty-much each and every one of these. Yeah, maybe it’s a little UK focused (due to my own personal experiences) but I’m sure you U.S guys and people all over the world can relate to a few of these too! I also asked a few of our RideUKBMX FB Group members their favourite things about riding street and chucked ’em in there too for good measure…


#1 – Greggs Pasties Any Time, Anywhere.

Ok, so maybe this is a U.K thing. Or more specifically a Northern thing, but while lashing through the city every turn while you’re out riding street has a Greggs on the corner, and those damn pasties are just too tempting on a cold day while you’re out hitting those harsh streets. Quick way to warm up, fairly cheap and you can chuck ’em in your bag to take to the next spot, winner.


#2 – The Interesting People You Meet.

Now I’m pretty sure a few of you would have encountered a few ‘interesting’ individuals while out hitting up spots. A good 80% of the time it’s usually gonna be a random drunk old dude, an old man/woman giving you shit for grinding ledges etc. or it’ll be a security guard who’s come to kick you off the property. Sure, I’ve had a few good convos with these people and managed to diffuse the situation quickly without any harm done. The other 20% are people who are genuinely stoked on what you’re doing, for example…


Credit: www.creativefan.com

I had a guy come up to me when I was out filming with my mate recently, he was covered in tattoos from head to toe, the tatts weren’t ‘professionally done’ either if you catch my drift… The guy looked a bit rough and had just come from the job centre equipped with a carrier bag and yeah, at first I was a little weary thinking he was possibly out to pinch my camera, but we got talking and he was the nicest dude, he actually had a Raleigh Burner years back and also owns a Haro 540 air which he told me was in his garage still which he’s been sourcing original parts for. Sweet! Got talking a bit and told him about our little crew and what we’re doing, he was well buzzing about the whole thing and even borrowed me a cig and went on his way telling his equally sketchy lookin’ mate about it all… Can’t beat encounters like that man!


#3 – Finding A Brand New Spot.

That spot though! (Taken from our AFTER THE FACT feature with Ant Barber)

I don’t care what anyone says, this is the fuckin’ holy grail! (pardon my French) but finding a new spot in your town/city is like striking gold. I remember covering every square inch of my hometown with the crew lookin’ for new shit to ride and we literally know the place like the back of our hands now. Good times! But when you find that one new spot, be it a wallride, ledge, rail, flatbank… Whatever it is, it’s a truly awesome feeling!


#4 – Random Spectators.

This is kind of on the same lines as #2 but more focused on the spectators from afar, people who don’t really come up to you and have a chat about what’s going on and watch from a safe distance. I’ve had a dude watch me peg a rail with binoculars from his window in a high rise flat before, that was definitely a weird one.

Here’s a couple from our FB Regulars:

Brant Moore – US; “one time a guy driving by yelled out his window at my friend who had just landed a trick and said “Good way to die, moron!”

Andre Bonnici – Ireland; “A rare one is people coming up asking to take videos and shit or meeting another bmxer whilst cruising the city that you don’t know and instantly becoming friends.”



#5 – Street Sound Effects.

Street Dave knows all about sound effects while hurtling down brick ledges.
London, UK, 08/01/2013, Picture by Georgie Gillard

You may be thinking, “what does he mean by Street Sound Effects?” Well.. I’m talking about a mixture of noises from your natural surroundings. Urban areas could have sirens blasting, the sound of people talking, music playing, whatever it is… it all compliments the sound of metal pegs scraping along concrete or steel. A beautiful melody. It’s cool to just watch a raw edit just to enjoy the sound of BMX without any backing music or distractions, after all it’s riding in the most natural form.


#6 – Inspiring Kids.

Credit: www.theepochtimes.com

Many a time I’ve been out riding with the lads and had a mother and her young son/daughter walk past and all you hear is a loud “WOOAHHH!!” followed by a “Mum, I want one of those bikes” – Or something along those lines. You may not realise it, but riding street is opening the eyes of many young’uns who see you, so without sounding like a dad too much (which I am) be respectful, remember that these kids will probably look up to you and try to set a good example. Maybe even give em a little go of your bike, as I said in a previous article Kids Are The Future!


#7 -The Hotties.

You know what I’m talkin about. Don’t act like you don’t know! There’s been many a time when we’ve all been out riding street where you’ll come across a complete stunner. The whole crew will usually stop what they’re doing so they can try to get a glimpse of this beauty, or if they’re feeling particularly brave it could be worth a shot at chatting said hottie up. Who knows what may happen, as they say up this way “Shy bairns get nowt!”


#8 – Drinkin’ Beers With The Homies.

For me, these are some of the best times of my life. Getting a few cans of lager or cider, hitting the streets and having a few along the way. The session usually get a bit more rowdy that way I find. This works in any environment really, don’t get me wrong we’re not condoning drinking while riding but I can’t really say I’ve met many riders who haven’t done it before and it’s always a bloody good laugh!


#9 – Riding Through The Streets.

Riding through the streets with your homies is probably most BMXers definition of feeling ‘free’ – That awesome feeling you get when you’re carving through traffic on a busy day, weaving in and out of joe public and having the freedom and expression available at your will to enjoy. No feeling like it!


#10 – Endless Lines.

Some spots just have endless lines you can create, this one for example… So many things you could do on those oversized stair sets, rails and stairs. So many possibilities man, I bet your mind is going now just looking at this place!

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