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Kids are the future!

“Kids are the future!”
– I’ve heard this phrase mentioned many times in my life and within BMX but to be honest I hadn’t had kids at the time and kinda thought the next few generations are doomed due to television brainwashing and kids not reading as much anymore, not going out much anymore and being stuck in front of their consoles at home.

That’s until I found out I was going to be a father for the first time. As most new fathers do I panicked like hell, thought to myself “Hell no, I’m not ready yet!” then eventually I accepted the impending doom that was about to unfold. Time went on, the Mrs started to show, got bigger, mood swings, fights, the usual… but we battled through and now it’s nearly time for me to say hello to our little dude! (Yeah it’s a boy by the way)

Going through all of this, the baby scans, numerous appointments, excitement, uncertainty and all the rest of it has totally changed my opinion on the matter. Knowing that I’ll have a little human to be responsible for and wanting to give someone the absolute best future possibly I can has totally changed my view on younger generations. It’s all in the upbringing I guess, I know a few BMX dads who fully support their kids in their riding, it’s so sick to see and if my kid wants to ride BMX (he will.) I’m going to be one of those kinds of dads. As the title says, ‘Kids are the future’ – Who knows, what the future holds, our kids could be the next Van Homan or G Reynolds!

So yeah, I thought it’d be cool to take a look at a few vids we’ve seen over the past year or so featuring the next gen of BMX shredders…


#1 – 10 Year Old Shunsuke Jimbo

“It’s crazy how good kids are getting at such a young age these days! When I was 10 I could barely tie my shoe laces nevermind send flips over a massive jump box… I remember seeing a video of Shunsuke Jimbo last year and thinking, “damn, that kid is pretty damn talented!” – Now A Year Later this video emerges and it’s plain to see that he’s honed his skills and picked up a few new tricks along the way. Props to the younger generation for keeping the torch lit. Enjoyed this! What a little DUDE.”


#2 – Jan Novak: 13 Year Old Czech Rider

“Had this one sitting in our inbox for a couple of days and just got around to watching it. The video was sent over from Jan Novak who is a 13 year old rider from the Czech Republic and he put this edit together using some of the clips he has filmed during half of this year. We thought he was pretty dope for just 13 years old so why not give it a share eh? Enjoy…”


#3 – Alex Mollaev – 12 Year Old XSA “Young Blood”

“What is it with 12 year olds being so good lately? I posted a video of young street shredder Lewis Cunningham just the other day and then a couple of days later this vid pops up on my news feed featuring Russian 12 year old steezy rider: Alex Mollaev. This kid has been hitting the XSA skatepark for quite some time now and it shows, skills, style and bangers all at such a young age. Watch this space, no doubt this kid is going to be something special if he sticks at it!”


#4 – Lewis Cunningham – 12 Years Old

“I spotted one of Lewis’ edits about a year or two ago and thought it was awesome to see a kid so young hitting up street spots instead of constantly riding the skatepark. Not that there’s anything wrong with that really, but it was pretty refreshing to see! Lewis was only 11 years old when he dropped his first edit and I interviewed him shortly after the edit dropped to find out a little more about this kid-prodigy and what he’s into.”


#5 – Jayden Mucha – 13 Year Old BMX Edit

“I’ve never seen a 13 year old rip it with so much style! Jayden Mucha‘s name started popping up all over my news feed the other day and for good reason… Jayden hails from Rochester, NY and it’s hard to believe he’s only 13. The kid rides with plenty of style as you’ll see in this edit filmed on his Kink Mudrunner Frame.”


#6 – 14 Year Old Ollie Goodwin

Ollie Goodwin is definitely a very advanced rider for a 14 year old he’s got a lot of tricks down from 3 whips, double whips, trucks, even decades! He shreds at Diss Skatepark in Norfolk And Charge Unit Skateparks in Norwich. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from Ollie in the future, for now check this edit out!”


#7 – Kaz Campbell – 14 Years Old

This little styyylah goes by the name of Kaz Campbell, he’s just 14 years of age and already ripping it! Kas has been hooked up by the guys over at Alibico Brand on their ‘Grassroots’ team I believe, and it’s a well deserved spot as you’ll see by his stylish riding, this kid is awesome and can only get better! Give this a look.


#8 – 13 Year Old Rim Nakamura

“Anyone fancy a one-way trip to Okinawa?! The spots on this video are like something out of a dream man! Rim BMX took a trip over in the new year to check the place out and generally tear shit up on some dream spots. I’m not kidding, forget BCN… This place is a street riders idea of heaven! Rim Nakamura is such a talented kid for being only 13 years old, keep an eye out for this lad in future…”


#9 – 11 Year Old Eddie Peraza

“This is pretty awesome! Scotty Cranmer plays a game of bike with the young Eddie Peraza. Yep, you guessed it by the surname it’s Kevin Peraza‘s lil bro and he’s so sick for just 11 years old. I’m not gonna lie, the title kinda misled me a bit when it said “Street Gawd”, the kid does definitely have some legit street skills but I was fully expecting to see some actual street riding but I guess a plaza vid is good fun too.

#10 – Polish Street Shredder – Patryk Pięta

“We had a little trailer of this very video posted in our RideUKBMX Group over on Facebook. After clocking it I just had to check out this young Polish shredder’s edit. Patryk Piętą from Olkusz sends it down huge stair sets and smashes some quality park manoeuvres in this new edit out for his local store –Manyfestbmx


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