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Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga 2018: Women's Final

Video and results from the women's final, ft. Perris Benegas, Teresa Azcoaga, Lara Lessman, Angie Marino, Nina Buitrago and more

EVERY BIKE IN THE FINAL: Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga 2018

20 top riders, 20 dialled bikes side by side

Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga 2018: Best Trick

Ridiculous moves from Dennis Enarson, Alex Hiam, Jason Watts, Kevin Peraza, Chris James, Cody Pollard, Larry Edgar and Tom Van Den Bogaard

Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga 2018: UK Riders in Qualifying

Check out Mark Ducat, The Fids, Tom Russell, Kaz Campbell, Matt Harris, Joe Embrey and James Brooks roasting in and around the bowl

BIKE CHECK: Declan Brooks

Admiring a sleek black and gold rig with Dec Brooks, laced with some lush Profile parts

INCOMING: Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga 2018

Everyone's getting hyped for the Vans BMX Pro Cup Final in Malaga... Here's why

YATE TAPE: Mixed Wrap 7

Emerson Morgan and the Bristol crew back at it with another tidy street mix tape, cut to live jazz

13 Bikes at Battle of Hastings 2018

From street setups to ramp rigs and everything in between, with a healthy dose of the mid-school...


Wardrobe check with Kriss Kyle, featuring Ethik, BSD, Spect and Source gear...

PEOPLE IN THEIR PLACES: Five Skateparks, One Year

Six guys spent one year finding and filming original lines at five local skateparks... The result is excellent

BLUENIGMA HOTEL: Sunbathing, Snorkelling, BMX

Zach Shaw, Scott Malyon and crew enjoying the delights of Andros, Greece

UNITED: Ben Gordon - Welcome to the Team

"I seriously put my body on the line as per for this video..." Ben Gordon's welcome video for United Bike Co, with some insights from Ben about filming it.

BIKE CHECK: Lima 2018

Check out Lima's current rig, from the Verde Oxbridge LTD frame to the new Profile gold paisley parts... This thing is trick.

CHARLOTTE WORTHINGTON: BMX Roadtrips vs Olympic Training

Charlotte Worthington talks us through the Team GB Olympic BMX preparations while on a road trip adventure with the Tall Order team

SPOT CHECK: Newquay Concrete Waves Skatepark

Maverick's flagship park is here... Newquay Concrete Waves. Does it live up to the hype?

SKABANGA CREW: London Tape 2K18

Stu Loudon, Darren Van Wyk, Colin Loudon and Greg Illingworth ripping some classic London spots. Video, gallery and Q&A

VANS BMX PRO CUP: Huntington Beach 2018

The big one... Gallery, highlights video and results from the Vans BMX Pro Cup in HB.


Heavy riding, fresh faces, legends, new lines and dialled runs... The Battle of Hastings 2018 Qualifier was a big contest in its own right!

#CANONFIRSTS: BMX entries so far

Submit your best photos to the #canonfirsts competition for a chance to win some amazing camera gear! Here are 10 decent BMX entries so far...

VANS UNFILTERED California - Dan Lacey & Dak Roche

Lacey and Dak throwing down savagery on some Californian Central Coast spots, in front of Rich Forne's camera. Heavy video!