Unknown Parasites – Volume 3 Sunderland BMX

Man I love a good ol’ RAW UK street edit… Especially when the guys involved are a bunch of good mates who kill it on the regular.

Mark ‘Dchum’ Davis films & edits the Unknown Parasites stuff and he mentioned this video via FB chat to me earlier this morning. It’s safe to say my foot was firmly planted to the floor drive home so I could get back from work early and give it a watch!

I’ll just explain this for you because it may be a little confusing…
Unknown Parasites & Vulture Krew are two local crews who ride in the Sunderland (Wearside) area – You may of heard different crew names like NSF, SBR, T2S but members out of each crew all ride together at different points in time and we’re all mates. Featuring: Dchum, Cragz, Broge, Sam & Robin Watson, Rax III, Benn G, SIRM, Bannan, Sean Kelly, Ryan Hendry & Tim Evans. – Filmed & Edited by Dchum.

Stick a brew on a get some North-Eastern goodness down ya!

Unknown Parasites Volume 3 Sunderland BMX from Unknown Parasites on Vimeo.

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