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Jammin! Vans Kill the Line dirt contest

Jammin! Vans Kill the Line dirt contest

Robin Fenlon

Two weeks ago, Vans ran a dirt contest the the famous Peynier trails in France. These trails are famous because they’re vast and big. They’re the same set of trails that took out our editor a couple of months back!

Vans have produced this edit, which is also vast and features complete coverage of the whole event. So get a brew (I suggest tea) and sit down for some proper European trails action… Check out the flipwhip mid train, mid line!

  1. fybcorp

    What a treat. Good music and some good trails. Nice to see a decent set of trails that offer a warm welcome to people.

  2. Drew

    that last run was immense!

  3. Morgasm

    how come Hennon wasn’t riding in the edit?

  4. rax

    nice vid. op double whip 😀 intresting 😀

  5. timm-e

    yeah its cool to see a welcoming set of trails!


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