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How to build a skatepark?

How to build a skatepark?

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

Over the past month or so we’ve featured a few new skateparks in the works. A new concrete park in Hastings and the recently posted £1.4m indoor park in Romsey. These two skateparks are an amazing addition to the UK and we all are looking forward to ride them.

That intro is kinda irrelevant to what this is about, but recently I’ve had a few phone calls regarding; “how would you design a skatepark” , “who can I get in contact with”. This video was just posted up on the internet, not UK related – but if your looking for inspiration to build a skatepark, I’m sure you can get an idea or two.

Video by PA Woods of Rays MTB Park Cleveland, OH.

You think UK needs a park like this? Discuss below.

  1. Thom M

    Would be brilliant, but i wouldn’t say it’d be so much of a success, since the majority of people in skateparks are either bladers or skaterats. That said, that bowl looks fun as anything!

  2. The wallrus

    Fuck yeah we need a park like that. Look like some bloody good fun, all it needs is giant bath to ride around inside.

  3. joe edgecombe

    It looks like a well good park we do need one of those

  4. Steven Golland

    Looks like good fun lots of lines =]

  5. Josh p

    The UK needs this, please could we have one?? Also from now on every park has to have a little dog following you around.

  6. Mike King

    most indoor skateparks fail due to the location of them.
    if you build an indoor park with a bunch of surrounding skateparks, no ones going to walk through the door in the summer, and obviously same goes in the winter if you have other neighbouring indoor parks, but at the same time, good luck keeping a park open int he middle of nowhere.
    london and the surrounding areas, guildford, leatherhead, wycombe and even as far as oxford have nothing indoor nearby.
    obviously, apart from how expensive it would be to buy a property in london where a park could be built, it blows my mind that no one has seen the light.
    london has a totally thriving bmx and skate scene already, and somewhere as accessable as london would constantly have people flowing through the door, even more so as bay66 (playstation) is the only other option, and only allows bmxs in tuesday nights and sundays, plus, everyone who works there is an absolute tool, so most riders would prefer to not even go.
    think about it, people drive 6 hours to go ride rampworx for a weekend, so theres no doubt people would do the same for a park in london.
    theres definitely the potential for something really big to be successful.
    i went to rays mtb park in the summer, that place is unbelievable, (as is the amount of money they take per day)
    most of its success is due to the mountainbiking, not because mountainbiking is more popular than bmx, but it was the first place (i think it still is) to provide an indoor facility for mountainbike riders, who pay $50 to ride outdoor facilities in the summer, so rays can charge almost the same rate because its literally impossible to ride outdoors in the winter.
    so if anyone can think of something similar to collobarate with an indoor park in England, thats someones fortune right there..
    built it and they will come..

  7. Tait

    is place is nuts. it looked as though it was footage from like 8 different parks

  8. Ian Johnstone

    Rays mtb park is truly amazing..
    Think we need a park like that in the UK? So do I! That’s why I have set out on a mission to open one!

    I plan to register my group as a charity and make it a not for profit organisation.
    It’s the best way, short of winning the lottery, to get the thing off the ground.

    Please show your support by joining my facebook group:

    Website coming soon.

    Live the dream,


  9. Sean Evans

    yeah maidstone needs a new skatepark

  10. ben hawkins

    yeah sick park very much needed!

  11. matt jones

    An indoor park will make money throughout the whole year cuz even if there arent as many people in the summer as there are in the winter there will always be some park rats or 10 year olds wanting to ride which will get money in for the park and indoor parks are needed in the uk cuz the weather is usually bad anyway.

  12. Drew

    id always rather ride with the sun on my back, but thats just not possible half the time so an indoor park is a haven

    what ever happened to the indoor park at reading? i swear whoever was sorting just had to get the insurance finalized and it was a go-ahead? that was a year ago and ive never heard any more from it

  13. Ainzy

    love to ride somewhere like that

  14. Joshua Hancock

    yeah sean you know, all we got near us is shitty unit 1 on wednesdays and shitty unreal :(

  15. timm-e

    im not sure london would work,everone goes there to ride street..same as ny and barca.

  16. Mike King

    i hear you ‘timm-e’, im not suggesting building a park IN london, just nearby as theres no doubt thousands of kids itching to ride in the winter who live in london/surrounding towns.
    as for the park in reading, im pretty sure that £1.4 million park was to do with that, i spoke to the guy running the show and the biggest problem was finding a decent location, expecially with it being so big, there was nothing around, he looked at 121 sites over last as far as Reading, Oxford South & West London, but the location in Romsey seems to be perfect.
    if you know of a facility, post it in the comments here!

  17. Jimmy

    I have been dealing Reading council and the Reading Wheels Association who where a registered charity. At one point they did have around 200k donated to them but that seems to have vanished and the Reading Wheels Association is no longer a registered charity.

    They just seem to blame each other and the head of reading sports development, well lets just say she is not one easy lady to talk to!

    I keep trying to push things forward but its hard work dealing with someone who does not care and understand what an amazing impact this would make.

  18. harley

    this park is just like trails, but wood… what a waste of time

  19. james be

    bet you would ride there tho

  20. austin :D

    i tink belgium needs a park like that :p

  21. James Saunders

    Do it in Reading!

  22. liam

    it looks amazing to be honest the UK need more places like the first jumping skatepark that looks beast

  23. connor

    that would be so good to have one round this area it would have so many people go to it!!!

  24. Sasha Rogovenko

    I think Ukraine needs a park like that . but I think it would happened in 3035 year . Fuckkk !!!!!! I hate my country

  25. Panmaster

    Why is there no UK Woodward or equivalent?

  26. isle of wight

    this will be amazing!!!!! we need somthing like this as we have nothing like this near the isle of wight every ohter indoor park is way too far to travel…

  27. Jimmy



  28. Ali Cother

    Seeing what that mike king matey said and taking it into account, look at berkshire, bare riders, but no indoor skateparks. I was thinking, there was some place in newbury that went bankrupt, had to move out of the building they were in, used to be a big old play area place or something like that. Easy access from the station, huge riding community around that area, easily enough space, why hasnt anyone seen the oppurtunity??

  29. Howie

    That looks mint ! The Uk needs something like that cos it’s always raining in the Uk so it needs some indoor magic…

  30. anis

    The Uk definatly needs an indoor skatepark but it needs to be in a area that there isnt as many decent skate parks. Skateparks suck in london coz of the weather always raining !!

  31. mavis

    hi living in maidstone i understand the trouble that people have with the skateparks that we have. that is why i am looking at going to local authority to get support in opening an indoor skatepark! the design has already been done by my son. so fingers crossed we will get one opened ??


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