The Source pretty much sum up what it means to be a rider owned store. From the very beginning, their intentions have always been to back BMX and help it develop.

“Everything we do comes from the simple want to have fun on our bikes. So everything we build, comes from that same reason”. 

The words of Marc Moore one of the 2 brothers who founded the business and developed it into the empire it is today. Both Marc and his brother Rich are very unassuming guys, you’ve most probably met them without realising, they ask for no thanks or praise, they just quietly get on with what they’re doing. Hopefully now, through this documentary, which is due for release in December, they may get a little of the recognition they deserve. At the very least, we’ll all get educated in the blood, sweat and tears it’s taken to build one of the most recognisable and successful brands, shop and skatepark the UK has seen.

We’re really looking forward to this, and even though it’s all their hard work, with their dedicated team behind them which made all this happen, it still makes you feel proud that this is on British soil.

Perception Films & Filmmaker At Large presents
The Source Park Documentary
Edited by Alex Frois
Sound Design by Edward Blakeley
Cinematography by Tom Pickard
Produced by Christopher Morriss-Roberts
Directed by Tom Pickard”