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BMX STREETS PIPE – Out Now on Xbox

We’ve been covering the progress of BMX Streets for quite a while, with our recent series of gameplay videos receiving a torrent of comments and a whole lot of buzz on social media. Now – halt the hype train, as BMX Streets Pipe is available now to purchase and download for Xbox One.

Firstly let’s put something to rest – Dave Mirra 2, Matt Hoffman 2 and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland are all legendary games. Games that will be held forever within the hearts of all BMXers. But, it’s been well over a decade for these beloved titles and now we all deserve something more, and I for one, believe we now have it. It is BMX Streets.

“It’s the intuitive controls that add real depth to the game.”

BMX Streets Pipe is the first console release from Mash Games. People should be aware that this is not the full game release of BMX Streets, but a standalone title which gives players the chance to sample what the full release will offer and also support its development. However, that’s not to detract anything from Pipe, the game is fun as hell and offers superb value due to its practically endless replayability.

Visually, the game looks great. I would say it’s on par with Skate 3’s graphical fidelity. The limited map size doesn’t provide a lot of variation with regard to surfaces and textures, but what’s there does look pleasing.

The map or skatepark (however you want to call it) features a huge halfpipe, banks, rails quarters, mini-ramp and ledges. The player spawns atop the roll-in for the halfpipe. You can then pump down that sucker and boost a huge stylish alley oop air or perhaps try something resembling a manoeuvre seen attempted during the FISE best trick event. Whatever floats your boat…


It’s the intuitive controls that add real depth to the game. The left stick controls your body and the right controls the bike. It may seem a little tricky at first, but if you’re familiar with the controls of EA’s Skate series then you’ll pick it up in no time.

Press A to pedal and push the left stick left or right to go in that direction. Pull back on the right stick then flick it forward to bunnyhop and you can easily nollie by doing the opposite motion too. You pump a quarter by pressing the left stick forward as you enter the transition and then hop with the right stick when you hit the coping. The shoulder and trigger buttons are used to do tricks. For example, bust a hop then hold the hold RB (right shoulder button) and tap down on the right stick to throw a barspin. Fancy trying a double bar? Then just hold down the right stick a little longer and see what happens.

“You can crook, crank arm and over grind as smoothly as any four plegger on the OSS team.”

But can you even hop whip tho, bra? Yes, yes you can! It looks good and it feel good. Just hop then tap either left or right while holding both trigger buttons together. Pretty much every popular BMX trick can be done in this game, and that’s not even mentioning grinds. Along with all the classics including double peg, icepicks and tooths, you can crook, crank arm and over grind as smoothly as any four plegger on the OSS team.

So, in summary, I’ll keep it brief. What are you waiting for? If you have an Xbox and like BMX and gaming, this is your lucky day. Enjoy.



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