Mutiny Bikes – Philadelphia

The Mutiny Bikes Philidelphia video has just dropped and man, is it good! If you’ve got your copy of Ride UK BMX Magazine yet, then you might of clocked the “Philidelphia is a war zone” feature on Page 30. It’s crazy, I had no idea Philly was so ghetto! Such a good

Philadelphia from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Here’s a few words from the guys at Mutiny which sum the trip up nicely..

“When we were planning trips we asked everyone if they had any idea of where they wanted to go, nearly everyone had mentioned Philadelphia so in early June we took Bedford, Castelluzzo, Houck, Simpson, and Wescott there to film and shoot an article with Walter Pierringer for Ride UK. When we were deciding who was going to film the project it was a no brainer. We knew that Navaz was a local and obviously one of the best filmers in the game. Acting as tour guide and filmer he went above and beyond and helped us navigate our way through the streets of the City of brotherly love. During our stay we got to meet a bunch of awesome people including Seth Stellfox. He was a Philadelphia Police officer as well as a BMX rider who made sure we were safe while we were riding in some fairly dangerous neighborhoods. I just received the news that Seth has passed away, because he was so vital in the making of this video we wanted to dedicate it to him. Rest In Peace Seth.”

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