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Photo Booth: Chris Hill-Scott

Photo Booth: Chris Hill-Scott

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

The first picture you might recognise from the cover of Ride UK issue 124 (February 2009). But it wasn’t the first photo I’d shot at this spot. A few months beforehand I went there with The Gypsy and Jamie Newstead (the one with the backoff) and captured this team-effort walltap. Jamie is bitter to this day that Harry got on the cover of the magazine and not him.

  1. Brad Wakefield

    Quis, without a doubt one of the best BMX photographers in the UK at the moment. This Photo Booth is long over due.

    Nice one!

  2. Luke

    “Keep the best till last”

  3. Deece

    Nice work Chris, keep it up! Good BMX photographers are hard to come by…

  4. Dunk

    Chris makes me nervous because he’s clever


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