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Harry Main Edit - Nonstopvid

Harry Main Edit - Nonstopvid

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

Harry has been out for some time with a broken leg, he just recently got back on his bike. I think he is going to take it slow for the winter months. Check out the video and see Harry getting used to his bike again!

Filmed and edited by Matty Lambert.

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  1. Jamie

    what the fuck! ridiculous stuff

  2. Craig Baptist

    Awesome video but the angle on the falir barspin was abit off i swear…looked like an x-up

  3. Craig Baptist

    Flair.. and i dont even know why i criticised it..

  4. kieran edwards

    Fucking crazy! a 180 flat is me getting used to my bike! not a couple of flip whips!

  5. ringo starr

    its always the same with his edits! fucking boring, footjam, footjam, footjam! worse than mark webb!

  6. Fuck you ringo star

    Ringo starr hes about 300 million times better than u, you fucking idoit

  7. jon

    i have to agree with ringo starr, yeh he has style, but he is not original

  8. Clem Hencher-Stevens

    Jon, your a tard! Harry is one of the most original riders out there. who else would think, and manage to do a truck footjam to bars out? Think about it

  9. Drew Wood

    i like how it says he is getting back on his bike and taking it easy HAHAHAHA cause all that stuff is so god damn easy hahaha

  10. ................

    mark webb is ump compared to main.

  11. ................

    dump# hah

  12. nigel evans

    na harry is fucking sick main rider i look up to

  13. joseph albingo..

    fucking boring shit same old footjam footjam footjam and were the fuk waz the 3x factor 2 footjam fukin fag. webb has defo got a cumback for this!
    miteazwell go bak to usfuckina cuz know1 in liverpool likes you!

  14. timmy docherty

    i can do alll of that! i beat arron ross the backyard jam!
    harry and webby aint got shit on me!

  15. Rikki Gunner

    it maybe another video full of footjams but i dont know whether you noticed, that is bmx at the moment. ive seen bmx go through many phases, manual to 180, how often do you see them nowdays??
    peg chinks?? 1 foot x-ups???
    bmx has to change from time to time otherwise it would have died out by now. if you guys leaving negative comments spent more time and energy going out and riding and having FUN on your bikes and less time criticizing others then you might remember why you started riding bikes in the first place.
    harry main has ridiculous skills on his bike and style for miles.

    rant over

  16. charlie

    harru main is sick

  17. Stuart Burbidge

    This video speaks for it’s self…Great bangers Harry,and props to Matty…Amazing

  18. sam

    Rikki Gunner well said we are in this for fun and enjoying ourselfs not leaving negative comments and sitting inside when we could be on our bikes and if its raining you just have to find a way round it.
    Mad skills harry main!

  19. liam

    mice vid …who sings that song !!

  20. lady gaga

    harry needs to take his brakes off and ride a bit of street for a change id like to see that

  21. daniel H

    harry main is tooooooooooooooooooooo sick

  22. SamB

    Good to see him taking it “slow”!!!!!!!! well good

  23. Scott Hamlin

    Listen mate…You’r a f0king animal!

    So rad.

  24. Leeham

    Rad vid, whats the song?

  25. ryan

    yes it looks like hes taking it slow :O wtf he is insane !!!!

  26. timbo

    combo wizard!

  27. tom

    Good enough to be on ride straight up after broken leg…quality stuff

  28. Josh Cox

    So creative, love it ! and hes got back onit so quick ! Yer Harry

  29. Tait

    footjams are ‘in’ at the moment and harry is just pushing what is possible with them. like clem said a truck to footjam to bars out or the footjam flair we saw before the leg break, hes progressing faster than almost any other rider at the moment

  30. kev

    such a good rider , he dose amazing tricks so styleish and smooth . yeah and i think the song is Listomanic – Phoenix

  31. Vagner

    Flair on 45!!! it’s Amazing!!!!

  32. jack roberts

    all this shit about how harry main is crap you people need to learn that this man is awesome and he gives any english pro rider a run for there money, so stop hating and just enjoy the brilliance that is harry main !

  33. hannnah

    whats the song called with the video?

  34. Susana

    Lisztomania by Phoenix

  35. Arren

    to all you people who ” dis” what Harry does and if it is always the same with footjams blaablaa, do me a favour. Stop complaining and watch something else!!! This guy has more talent than you could produce on a bloody games console!


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