Felix Prangenberg’s AMAZING D.I.Y Backyard Ramp Setup

We posted some pictures the other day of a wicked backyard ramp setup in Queensland, Australia which was sent in by one of our fans: Jet Caroll and asked you guys to send us pictures of your backyard ramps if you had any…

Well we had this astonishing submission from Felix Prangenberg who told us that he and his dad built the whole park by themselves and he even said, and I quote “I would say I have the coolest dad ever!” – Damn straight you do Felix. I mean how good is this…

Felix also had a birthday jam in May recently which had a bunch of riders such as Paul Thölen, Daniel Tünte & Janek Wentzky to name a few. Check the video out below which was posted up to Freedom BMX by clicking HERE.


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