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DUB JAM - Rampworx 2010

DUB JAM - Rampworx 2010

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

On the 20th of March, DUB held a jam at the well known skatepark, Rampworx in Liverpool. Some of the UK’s heavy hitters turned up, including Dan Lacey, Scott Ditchburn, Bruno Hoffmann, Nikki Croft, Harry Main and many more! Charlie Jobling was the man behind the lens – capturing all the moments!

  1. tom

    definitely going to the next one this was savage.

  2. Vagisil

    WTF! When did RyanAir start sponsoring BMX????

    Cheap guys, cheap…

  3. Adam Phill-Bo

    This was the single sweetest jam ever, shame I don’t appear on it too much, my flashes do though (Y)

  4. mat

    Seen this before. good to watch it again. want to goto the next one

  5. Josh

    what’re the songs in this, they’re siiick?

  6. Tim

    What are the tracks???

  7. Josh

    the second one’s Chrispy – Inspector Gadget remix, no idea what the first one is

  8. Tim

    Thank you very much!)


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