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Daniel Moon on making another great full length video, getting drunk and crashing into walls, and what it's like being one of The (Legendary) Dream Boys.

Crusty Nibs… Where do I start?

I guess it’s one of the countless long-running and bizarre in jokes / lifestyle choices of the Spot locals. Hard to pin down yet always there, always taking the piss, drinking, riding, building, chilled but having it.

Crusty Nibs first emerged online a few years ago as a rough and raw (and definitely crusty) full length video piece by Daniel Moon aka Chez, and was an underground hit. It showcased not only some great riding by some interesting men, but also a bit of the atmosphere that exists at their DIY skatepark, The Spot.

Fast forward to 2018 and we now have the follow-up video, Crusty Nibs 2, which is another great watch. From Bren’s horrible icepick shorts to the woman who can fly, to building the Phwipp pool and the bonus bangers after the credits, this is a video well worth your time.

I caught up with Chez about the process of filming this absolute triumph.

“The (Legendary) Dream Boys are able to deal with the huge amount of female attention and fan mail whilst still shredding BMX.”

Max DF, hoofing at The Spot. Photo: Daniel Moon
RT aka Dan Hartley aka The Doctor. Photo: Daniel Moon

– What makes the Dream Boys so damn dreamy?

“There’s a huge amount of things that make The (Legendary) Dream Boys so damn dreamy. I guess the main few are just constantly being able to keep the fans so happy and dealing with the huge amount of female attention and fan mail whilst still shredding BMX. Crashing and drinking also comes in pretty handy.”

– There are some amazing spots in this video (and some super crusty ones too.) Obviously it was mostly London but where else did you guys ride?

“Yeah 90% of the clips are from all across London, we did a 5 day trip to Lille and a weekend in Leeds too. Should have travelled more but London is full of gems so we’re pretty blessed really.”

Dreamy Bren, ice pick prick. Warming up for the pineapple shorts. Photo: Daniel Moon

“Bren was pretty committed to the pineapple shorts cause, some of the clips it’s like 2 degrees.”

– Do you have a favourite clip?

“My favourite clip is either the crazy lady shouting outside the shop in Tottenham or Dreamy Bren riding over the amazing bank spot in Lille doing nothing for ages then doing a shitty ice pick on a tiny flat rail at the end. Secret knowledge, he had to do it twice because he missed the rail the first time.”

– How long were you filming for CN2?

“This was filmed for about 2 years or so, partly took so long because half the time people are chilling and not really riding that much, all part of the fun though.”

– How many cans of Lech were consumed in that time?

“There were many Lechs consumed throughout filming this, too many to count. probably enough to keep them in business for a few more years though.”

Spot Jam. In the mix. Photo: Daniel Moon


– Why is it important to you to make something like this, a full length feature, rather than a series of short edits?

“I think it is important because you get more of a feel for what’s actually going on rather than pumping out a 3 minute edit in a month or two. Plus I find it more fun from the editing side as you have more to play around with and get a good atmosphere going on. Not that there’s anything wrong with short edits though.”

“With a longer video, you get more of a feel for what’s actually going on rather than pumping out a 3 minute edit in a month or two.”

– Which crash hurt the most?

“For me personally the wallride over the rail crash. That busted me pretty bad for a few months.”

– Are you going to go back and try that wallride over the rail again?

“Haha, I’m not sure. This kind of goes back to the Lech consumption question. I was mega pissed when I tried it and convinced myself the angles lined up, on reflection the angles don’t actually line up well at all (for me anyway). I think you need to go further and faster than the wall is long. Maybe if I’m drunk and stupid enough, but it’s doubtful to be honest.”


– Can you explain Bren’s shorts?

“Bren got them shorts off my old flat mate Kye when we were having a little party one night. There’s a running joke he can only do ice pick stalls and nothing else so we thought let’s make a joke section where he wears the horrible pineapple shorts through it. He was pretty committed to the cause, some of the clips it’s like 2 degrees.”

– You held a premiere in London. How was it?

“Yeah man the premiere was awesome, big thanks to Dan Hartley for sorting it out and Brixton Cycles for doing it. A load more people came than expected, despite it having snowed the past few days.

Everyone got pretty rowdy and was shouting at the screen which was cool because I’ve been to some before where nobody really says much, that’s exactly what I didn’t want!”

– What’s next? Any trips? Crusty Nibs 3…?

“Filming for Metal Pegs new video I believe, probably helping film for their video a bit and trying to get a few clips. Hopefully do some trips over the summer and Crusty Nibs 3 can be expected early 2032 so get ready.”

Below: “I put together a short edit with some of my favourite clips from Crusty Nibs 2 for people whose attention span can’t last longer than 3 minutes coz your brain’s shit. Some absolute treats in there.”


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