OFF TOPIC: A BMXers theory to the missing plane MH370

As with everyone on the planet, we’ve been talking about this missing plane (MH370) non stop for the past week or so at RideUKBMX HQ. Aliens have been our most exciting theory, however we’ve got another. Quite a basic one, which I’ve convinced myself is right or somewhere close at least. So here it is..

Reports suggest the transponder was switched off and a new route mapped taking the plane off course, from it’s destination of Beijing sometime prior to the final communications with air traffic control. The last words received to ATC from MH370 were ‘All right, good night’ which have been suggested were that of the co-pilot and which I believe was a mayday call.

Mayday call deciphered

Some reports suggest this sign off is unusual, others say it’s not. I believe it was some how calculated and is a huge part of this mystery. Particularly the timing of it as the plane was passing from one ATC to another, a void which appears to have lasted 13 days.

This raises questions of the co-pilot’s quick thinking. How much time did he have to configure this?

Did the captain or potential hijacker busy themselves with turning off all tracking devices, while they left the co-pilot to plot the new route? Would this be enough time for a well educated guy to come up with this mayday signal?

‘All right, good night’, when using the ancient primary school art of replacing a letter with it’s designated number in the alphabet gives us this…

1 12 12 18 9 7 8 20 – All right (or Alright, 1 12 18 9 7 8 20 either point to the same place)

7 15 15 4 14 9 7 8 20 – good night

Turn these numbers into latitude and longitude and you potentially have

Latitude – 1.12121897820

Longitude – 71.51541497820

Copy and paste this into Google maps 1.12121897820, 71.51541497820

You’re just west of the Maldives. I’m not entirely sure if this is the closest point the plane could be. Or a flight route to say Somalia, the co-pilot is trying to inform us of. Maybe the two landing strips are big enough to take the 777 jet on Male or Gan in the Maldives.

Yesterday, it emerged the plane was seen over the Maldives by six or seven eye witnesses. See the image below.

The red arrow pointing to sightings and the blue being the coordinates above.

These sightings were later discredited by the Malaysian government. Who, at this stage are not entirely convincing with their investigation.

The most insane coincidence in aviation history or a decoy?

For the co-pilot to think quickly and create a mayday signal, which is in context with signing off and plots their potential position with great accuracy, it is literally mind blowing!
However, in my opinion I believe he did have this skill set, as it’s not your average Joe who flies 777 jets with scientific precision everyday.

What if this was a decoy by the captain or a hijacker? Throwing people like me completely off course. Either way, the fact that these numbers from those words point to this destination, has to be explored. I’ve tried to contact international media outlets since Sunday, but no one has took me up on the story.

BMXers spend half their lives on planes. We tend to look at the world from a different angle, maybe this is just one of those moments where you think something makes sense but in reality you should have walked away. All we know here is that we hope that the plane is found, with the passengers and crew safe and sound.


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