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Fast Forward – Summer 2010

It’s fair to say, Ffwd’s Mike King has created various edits throughout the year, so he’s bound to have a lot of left over footage. “Autumn is here, it’s already becoming too cold to ride outside and what was the best summer of my life now seems like years ago.” Go get a brew, enjoy the video, read on and get an insight with some top 5’s of Mike’s Summer.

Top 5 funny situations you’ve been in while away?
– Filming Anthony Watkinson outside the U.S. Embassy and then having two squad cars bursting with armed police jump out on me and seize the camera, that was a scary moment for sure, but they were all cool in the end.

– Being dropped a day early at Geneva airport with Isaac Lesser; the guys that dropped us didn’t realise untill we were right outside the town that they’d messed up, but luckily Isaac had stolen a ton of blankets from the hotel, we found a cosey little corner and made a little ‘nest’ with our bike bags and the blankets, 24 hours of being in the same spot and we sure got some funny looks.

– At the airport flying to France last month, they told Billy Purcell his bag was too heavy, both Isaac and I had already checked in and were waiting to take our bags round to ‘oversize baggage’, considering we all had the same bag, we were relatively confident that they’d tell him to do the same once his bag was under the weight restrictions, so he took out his wheels, pads and full face helmet and dumped his bag back on the scales, hoping to be told all was fine, he would then pop back round the corner where we were standing and put all his stuff back in his bag en route to ‘oversize baggage’. But for some bizzare reason the lady at the desk just said ‘Ok, that’s fine, thanks, bye!’ And Billy’s bag dissapeared down the belt! I still don’t know how we squeezed Billy’s wheels, pads and helmet into mine and Isaac’s bag…

– On the same trip, returning home we were all over the weight limit when we got to the airport, so I had to take my flight wearing my pads, 3 shirts, 2 hoodies and my helmet stuffed full of clothes. Isaac was 6 kilos over, but just stood there staring into space waiting for his bag to magically become lighter, in the end he unzipped his bag, filled to the brim with stolen towels and pillows from the apartment! I was in disbelief, he was so reluctant to leave any of his newly acquired toys behind and somehow blagged his way out of a £120 fine for the weight of his bag.

– On the Portugal trip with Amity I was being pulled behind the yacht in a little dingy, we’re about a mile out to sea and absolutely gunning it and the rope got stuck round the back of the dingy. I pulled myself and the dingy forward by pulling the rope, but it span the boat round backwards and scooped up loads of water, I thought i was gonna drown haha, the boat flipped round so fast and I would’ve just been stuck under it and dragged along under water. So now the boats still flying along with me hanging out the back in a dingy completely filled with water, might aswell have been pulled along in a fish tank. That went from pretty terrifying to absolutely hilarious in a few seconds, apparently the look on my face when the boat flipped was absolutely priceless.

Top 5 locations you’ve been to?
– Pretty much anywhere I went in the states last year, both for filming and riding, I’ll let that count as one location.

– Paris, I was mostly filming when I went, but there was so much stuff out there, I’d happily go back there just for a weekend with my bike.

– The old Mellowpark, Berlin. R.I.P. That place was absolutely incredible.

– Tallinn, Estonia. Simpel Session itself is always kinda cool, but Tallinn is definitely the most unique city I’ve ever been to, it always feels like I’ve gona back in time when I go there.

– Avoriaz, somewhere in the French/Swiss Alps, it was pretty surreal going to contest up there, you couldn’t ride for long or it got too hard to breath! It was crazy, Isaac and I went mountainbiking there too, Isaac fell down a cliff and nearly died too.

Top 5 riders to film?
– Anthony Watkinson
– Josh Wyles
– Ryan Taylor
– Joss Fenn
– Luke Brocklebank

Dream team – haha:
– Drew Bezanson
– Sean Sexton
– Dennis Enarson
– Garrett Reynolds
– Darryl Tocco

Top 5 quotes from 2010 summer?
– After arriving in Leeds, ‘What’s the time up here? Is it a different time zone?’ – Akin Hercules Walker
– ‘Stop being a dick and put me on Amity’ – Ollie Burston
– ‘I went up on the roof to get a football down, then I jumped down and broke my foot, I could’nt walk at all, so I had to crawl all the way home.’ – Isaac lesser
That’s all I can think of, the majority of my literature is made up of film quotes…


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