Bud BMX – dev gyal dem 3

The second best thing to come out of Sheffield is Bud BMX. The first, is of course the World Snooker Championships held at the Crucible every year since 1977. Here’s the latest edit from the Bud crew titled ‘dev gyal dem 3′ it’s been out a few days and has had some rave reviews by people in the know…

Jim Bowen tuning in from his bungalow near Blackpool said “A touch of class”. Meanwhile, in Walford London, Marc Bannerman who played the slick Italian Gianni di Marco in Eastenders made his feelings clear with “yes, quality”. Sheffields’ very own Prince Naseem Hamed had watched the edit via smartphone while tucking into a variety of pasties outside Greggs on Fargate. He went on to say “smashing”.