“Around and About”

We get tons of inboxes on Facebook every day and it’s hard to keep up with all of the messages sometimes but occasionally we come across a gem! This had a nice and relaxed feel to it, music was chilled and it just felt like the lads weren’t trying to prove anything, just riding their bikes for fun.

Here’s the inbox we got from Robert Hollands,

“Hi here’s a video I made of me and a few mates from Bexhill/Hastings area including Phil Martin, Chris Wiseman and a few others, chillin and loving life, what bmx is all about. Hope you enjoy, Rob.”

Around and About from Robert Hollands on Vimeo.

We need more edits like this from you guys, don’t be afraid to send them in! – Loved this Rob had a right summer vibe and got me in the mood to ride tomorrow, cheers again for sending it in!