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Good news! We’ve got another round of our ever-popular SNAPCHATURDAY feature for you guys to enjoy. Remember, you can add our Snapchat account: rideukbmx and feel free to send us any daft shit you like!

We’ve got a MASSIVE feature for you this bank holiday weekend. See if you can spot yourself or any of your mates in the snaps below…


It’s be shit if they slapped back!IMG_5856

Damn straight, good on you man!IMG_5861

WW in the house.IMG_5862

He knows the score!IMG_5863

Local ride Adam Peterson busting a whip air for SR7 BMX, sent in by Chris Hannah.IMG_5864

Possibly the most P.I.M.P bike I’ve seen!IMG_5910

Some poor dude got ‘friend-zoned’ – Pour out some licker for our fallen homie.IMG_5911

Either this guy works at a really posh garage or he’s got tons of wonga!IMG_5912

Yeah, we feel you bro.IMG_5913

This was DM’d to us via Snapchat’s new feature and I was killing myself laughing at it!IMG_5914

You sure?IMG_5915

Chavs need to have a little respect… as if!

This guy Snapchatted us saying he was about to go for his first ever tattoo… Here’s the end result!IMG_5919

Today was a good day for one lucky lad.IMG_5920This is actually pretty awesome! Just needs a chainring, a seat and a few other bits!

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