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Weekly Wallpaper

Weekly Wallpaper

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

Well almost weekly! Here we have two fresh wallpapers for your boring desktops. As the the trails season is just around the corner you could start it off with this wallpaper of United Bike Co’s, Rikki Gunner – snapping this pancake over the hip. If trails is not your thing, how about a more abstract tennis court photo?

To download: Click the image, then right click – save or set as desktop.



  1. Zane

    put a bit more effort into the wallpapers. I know simple is somewhat good but they just look lazy

  2. Hose Fernandez

    I think yoyus havve left the tripod in the first shots because you can see it (top left corner). I would become more carefyl next time you make picture…?

  3. Harry

    Hose fernandez thats part of the bmx scene nower days… its no longer about having fun and socialising its about who knows who, energy drinks and getting sponsored. :l

  4. james lazar

    the tripod is there to add effect!!

  5. Tommy GUN

    Hay that is so sick thoses jumps almost look cement. HAY I live in the us and I’am looking 4 a sponcer and Ive always wanted to go 2 to uk. HIT ME UP PLEASE (951)204-4360 GOD IS LOVE and I hope anyone considers it late.


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