Staff Bike check – Robin Pearson

We’ve not finished up our Staff Bike check feature just yet. Still in the mix is Robin Pearson and his Hennon set up. Here he is to tell us everything we need to know..


I love how my bike feels – it’s super stable but so nice to whip around and pump through transitions on… I guess that’s down to the low bottom bracket height (11.5″) and decent length chain stay (13.8″), and I run a pretty long stem so the headtube angle (75º) doesn’t feel at all twitchy. LOVE IT. I mostly ride concrete bowls and nice flowy skateparks, plus trails as much as I can, so this bike is ideal for all that! I’ve had this set up for a year now. This year has been a really fun one on my bike actually – I just want to give shout outs to a few dudes – Charlie and Ethan for letting me ride The Black Woods trails for a few days in August; Priesty, Dave, Bentley, Bob, Damo and Cam for all the good times at The Woodyard trails; Mad Jon and Vans; Steve and all The Spot locals; my bro Ben and all the Bath dudes; Timmy Docherty for making Guildford skatepark really fun; and Perry Mussell for being stoked on riding every damn day. Cheers!

Lipslide over the cutout on the XC skatepark vert wall. Shutter by Ben Pearson.

Data Box:


Name: Robin Pearson
Age: 24
Hometown: Fleet Fleet Fleet, Hampshire but I’ve been living in London for a few years.
Years riding: 10
Sponsors: N/A
Favourite spot: The spot…
Favourite Greggs item: I don’t often go in there… But the other day I had a coffee and a mince pie, which worked for me.

Bike Spec:


Frame – Hoffman Lady Luck 21″
Fork – Premium FYB
Stem – Shadow Ravager Toploader
Bar – Federal 8.75″ Drop Bars
Grips – Shadow Finger Banger
Wheels – Bicycle Union hub, Sun Big Baller rim up front and Primo Remix hub, Fly Pyramide rim on the rear.
Sprocket – Mutiny Ethereal 28t
Cranks – Demolition Medial V3. Replaced on warranty, now they’ve been good for nearly 4 years.
Pedals – Odyssey JCPC
Tyres – Primo 2.2″ Dirt Monster front, Premium 2.0″ Refuse Resist rear
Pegs – None
Seat Post – Federal
Seat – WeThePeople
Brake – For trails, yeah. Or if I really want to do a fufanu.

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