Photo Booth: Red Bull Skylines.

Last week in the centre of Paris, Drew Bezanson’s dreams for the craziest skatepark design became true. Red Bull was behind his ideas and created the Red Bull Skylines event. What more can you ask for, the best riders in the world on the biggest course, built by the best skatepark builder in the world, Nate Wessel. We will have our own video coming from this tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime check out our gallery. Photos by: Kay Clauberg and Rutger Pauw

Here are the results.

1. Ryan Nyquist
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Daniel Dhers

4. Ben Hennon
5. Daniel Sandoval
6. Ryan Taylor

Best line: Ben Hennon
Rider choice award: Dennis Enarson
Best Trick: Ryan Nyquist (Double barspin cannonball)