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P5 Newcastle Warehouse Jam

P5 Newcastle Warehouse Jam

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

November 28th 2009, an abandoned warehouse in Newcastle, some DIY ramps and enough riders to fill a stand at the local football ground. This was the perfect setting for the Project 5 team who hosted the Winter Jam. Go grab issue 136 and turn to page 118 and read the write up, then scroll down and watch the video that was filmed by Tom Finch and edited by Seventies, Charlie Jobling.

Music by – The Damned, ‘Dont Cry Wolf’.

Wanna go to the next Project 5 Jam? They are hosting their next jam at The Works Skatepark in Leeds, on the 6th of March this year. For more info check out the flyer below.

  1. ryan hendry

    sweet jam cant wait to move up north in summer looks like some good riding goes down :) stoked!

  2. LEWIS M

    yeah the bmx scene is awesome up here u should check out gravity skatepark in north shields

  3. Rico jakk

    After we met with Dyno & Mick through this jam, the Dynamix Indoor Skatepark project begun to pick up momentum. Our small indoor 5miles away generated the funds for rent & materials in the new place (thanks to Rosa & the team). Rico led the renovation mission in the warehouse & managed to get the thing set up very quickly. We opened it bit by bit and we’re still building new bit 18 months later, completely independent of outside funding! Come see for yourself.


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