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New Loughborough Skatepark?

New Loughborough Skatepark?

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

Here’s a 3D drawing of the new skatepark that is going to be built in Loughborough.


    The rainman likes the look of this, perfect for candybars!

  2. Ryans Grandad

    i see one, and 1 ledge, thats if its even a ledge!

    Park Dogs skatepark=not good, fuk all you park dogs

  3. Ryans Grandad

    one rail *

  4. DanBMXharibo

    about time…
    loughborough is fucking shit for bmx at the moment.

  5. joe

    looks wank

  6. STAMP

    if you want one rail and one ledge then surely you should ride street?

  7. atilla

    finally a sk8 park in l’boro! looks good and for those of you who dont like it go sk8 some where else!!

  8. anisa

    oooh, i like it.
    so much beter than the old one :) xx

  9. Machinefoot

    Obviously nobody can see the fat bowl, also, its better than anything in l’boro atm so if you don’t like it fuck off, you’re not paying for it the council are, take what you’re given, beggars can’t be choosers and all that

  10. Alex

    Something for the winter… Until some prick called a chav throws bricks and glass at it…

  11. learntomakeparks

    dont live in lboro so i dont care, just thort id comment on how shit the layout of this park is, no funbox, deathbox, hips, pyramids, ledges. all theyve done is stuck a bowl in he quarter and filled all the edges with banks and quarters. Unlucky l’boro

  12. liambmxallen

    its a bmx park u dumbass :L

  13. liambmxallen

    looks sick i might go =D

  14. liambmxallen

    omg i went on bike and it shit :L too slipy good park thou

  15. yeahtheeboys

    what happened to this idea?

  16. Edtheshit

    Actualy not a terrible park, but it’s a playground on the weekends with all the scooter fags


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