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HELL BUS Tour. Vive Le Voyage!

HELL BUS Tour. Vive Le Voyage!

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

In issue 157 we featured an article called “Vive Le Voyage! 22 Days in the Hell Bus”. A trip featuring Haggler, Dunk, Cam Hardy and Arrash Saidi who took a bus in search of Europe’s riding mecca. Cam Hardy shot and cut this edit together from the trip! Check it out below.

We’ve also did a Photo Booth feature from this trip which is definitely worth checking out. Click on the images below to check that out!

  1. tom

    mint trails and ramp setups

  2. Benn!


  3. Tim

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  4. jordan ross

    cam flairs !! hahaha
    i actually thought they were gonna down those beers at the end hahah savage edit lads !!:)!!

  5. Dunk

    Not at that price! Four most expensive beers of the trip!

  6. kristaps

    Creazy people 😀 😀 😀


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