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DundeeSAB Jam at Factory Skatepark

DundeeSAB Jam at Factory Skatepark

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

A few weeks ago we posted up a flyer for the DundeeSAB Jam at the Factory Skatepark. The Jam was on 3 days ago – check out what happened from Alex Donnachie.

  1. luke smith

    f@@@ing savage that 5 t fakie over the boex was epic ????!!!!!!woooooah

  2. nic j

    sick edit!!! wats the song??

  3. Sneez

    What an amazing jam! Discos wallride at the end was insane, along with Brads 540 over the box.

    Song: Chiddy Bang, Opposite of Adults

  4. teddy

    whats the track to this called ?

  5. Michael

    WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ryan

    wats the song called i eali wanna know

  7. Mat F

    Siick jam. The artist ruined that MGMT song for me


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