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DUB BMX Rampworx Jam

DUB BMX Rampworx Jam

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

DUB BMX are hosting at Jam at Rampworx, Liverpool on the 20th of March. Lot’s of prizes to be won, including a massive £1000 cash prize. Get down there to join in the banter and even head over to the after party at the Krazy House which is open from 10PM to 6AM. Check out the flyer below or head over to DUB BMX for more info.


Check out the last DUB BMX Jam in 2009 at Boneyard Skatepark.

  1. derek

    not leeds, its in liverpool

  2. johnny

    Yeah just spotted that, sorry. Fixed now!

  3. jon

    dubble peg up, to whip off rail 😮

  4. Carlton Banks


  5. scott davies

    i live near that skatepark its sick

  6. Sas Harmer

    This was a pretty good jam… But not to the full potential of DUB. The next onne is 1st of may i think and its finally another street one like the first dub jam! 😀


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Photo Booth: James Newrick