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2013 United X Red Bull KL40 Complete

2013 United X Red Bull KL40 Complete

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

United have teamed up with Red Bull and created this collaboration complete bike in conjunction with the Red Bull Empire of Dirt. Check it out…

‘To celebrate the Red Bull Empire Of Dirt returning for 2012, we have teamed up with Kye Forte and Red Bull to produce an extremely limited edition of United x Red Bull KL40 complete bikes. and for the first time ever you can get your hands on a bike with officially endorsed Red Bull Empire Of Dirt graphics.

We used the brand new 2013 KL40 model and then tied in Red Bull Empire Of Dirt branding, by using grey sidewall United tyres, colour matched grips, anodized red rims and seat clamp which all finish this bike off with a look way beyond it’s price tag. Available from the end of April 2012 in the UK only.

The previous Red Bull Empire Of Dirt event in 2008 was feted by pro riders as the most progressive event the BMX world had seen, so this is sure to be a welcome return.

Kye Forte has been busy designing an amazing, challenging course and is excited for this year’s event which will take BMX to the next level.’

  1. Jamie Chree

    (D) Alexandra Palace

  2. Nick Gunby

    D. Alexandra Palace

  3. Jack Hansford

    D. Alexandra Palace

  4. jack newell

    D. alexandra palace

  5. Edward parsons

    D) Alexandra palace

  6. Tom Burgess

    D. Alexandra Palace

  7. Alex Cox

    D. Alexandra palace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Charlie Lawford

    Alexandra Palace

  9. Cam

    D. Alexandra Palace

  10. Adam Turner

    Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally)

  11. Dave

    Alexandra palace

    Is this even it for winning the prize

  12. cameron blackmore

    Alexandra Palace

  13. henry

    d alexandra palace d alexandra palace d alexandra palace d alexandra palace d alexandrad alexandra palace

  14. Toms98

    D) Alexandra palace

  15. jmf

    D) alexandra palace. a.k.a. ally pally

  16. JakeMiller

    D) alexandra palace.

  17. Dave Howard

    Alexandra Palace!

  18. Dave Howard

    Alexandra Palace

  19. Oli

    Alexandra palace is where it will be held

  20. Will Rutter

    D. Alexandra Palace

  21. ben leigh

    Alexandra Palace

  22. Florian

    D) Alexandra palace

  23. Tom crowley

    D) Alexandra palace

  24. harry ward

    D) alexandra palace

  25. Ben

    D) Alexandra palace

  26. Owain

    D) Alexandra Palace

  27. AJ

    Alexandra Palace

  28. Tyler bacon

    Alexandra palace.
    Not trying to be a suck up but my dad would love to go to this and it would make an awesome birthday present, but the bike looks to awesome to give away so I would have to keep that to myself.

  29. James

    D) Alexandra Palace

  30. Danny Dalton

    D) Alexandra Palace

  31. isaac blakemore

    alexandra palace


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