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One for you old – schoolers out there…

Not too many brands out there can claim to have been around from the very early days of BMX, but two who certainly can are Vans and Haro. Almost a staple of any BMXer in the 1980’s, both brands have gone on to stand the test of time, and are still to this day doing so, bringing out both strong and innovative products while also keeping some of the old classics. As a stroke of pure genius, someone at Vans and someone at Haro got together and had a conversation where they decided to partner up and shout about their heritage to you the readers.

Starting with the Vans classics footwear, they have taken two models and tweaked up the colourways and logos to include certain Haro twists. Throw in a couple of classic logo tees, and randomly a set of 80’s style race pant trousers and the colab was almost complete.

They obviously thought that wasn’t enough, so have gone one step further to recreate the Haro Master Freestyler, in an extremely limited run that will see only 20 available in Europe… And we have one of those very 20, for one lucky Ride UK BMX reader.

What you can win –

Limited Edition Haro x Vans Master Freestyler
Limited Edition Haro x Vans Sk8 Hi shoes
Limited Edition Haro x Vans Era shoes
Limited Edition Haro x Vans Logo tee
Limited Edition Haro x Vans Gettin’ Crit tee
Limited Edition Haro x Vans Race pants

For your chance to win the above prize, all you have to do is answer the following question:

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  1. Stephen Broomfield

    This bike is Beautifull,I need this bike :-)

  2. Jader Grolli

    Is it open worldwide?

  3. Jordan

    Hope I win

  4. ed

    Shuch a crazy bike

  5. Scott Price

    Beautifull bike, would be a addition to my collection.

  6. Alan schofield

    Ain’t no Skool like the old Skool !

  7. Jake Tyler

    Wow that is the best prize ever!

  8. cbro

    Yeah that bike is sick. Plus getting all the clothes, shoes and stuff is rad!

  9. connor goldsbrough

    im drueling

  10. jason barnes

    wow,brings back the best days& the best bike ever built awesome memories hope i win this beauty.

  11. tormi

    Damn, I got a boner from seeing what I could win. This is so awesome.

  12. mark appleton

    I remeber them well,awsome bmx & vans are still going strong….i would love to own one..


    great prize

  14. Jamie ross

    I really hope I win my first bmx my friends at ingrave Johnston primary school will be so jealous from Jamie age 9

  15. JordB

    Yo this bike is nice. Hope I win!

  16. TonyD

    I met Bob Haro 2 weeks ago in London, such an awesome guy. Vans are sick too. Great competition.

  17. alex+little

    please pick me I just had an operation on my foot and im gonna start getting into it again and I think this would really help me.

  18. george hartley



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