This Is The Most Pathetic Thing I've Seen BMXers Do

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This Is The Most Pathetic Thing I’ve Seen BMXers Do

This video is a disgrace to BMX and everything we do to preserve spots and stay one step ahead of security.

TCU posted it with some piss poor excuse (posted below) as justification for this garbage. I’m posting it because I want to say a bunch of things in reference to it.

Security guards by their very nature are complete dickheads. You do get some good lads, but lets be honest on the whole it’s hassle. Generally BMXers are street smart and outwit most security, thus leaving a spot with it not being ruined and enough banter had to ensure everyone leaves with a smile, including the security guards.

When you come up against security who want to turn things nasty, make a joke of it and leave.

If a security guard says he wants to kill you, let him know you’re at his house shagging his wife while he’s there until 5am and ride away. Don’t start some cringe fight which will leave you with an assault charge and make what we do look stupid.

We were once being hassled by security to leave a spot and he threatened to go get his Alsatian from the van because “he’d bite through our tyres”. Can you imagine the shit we gave him for this. By the end of it he was broken and just wanted to be our friend. No violence required.

When you go into a shopping mall for food with your bikes, expect a security guard to be a dickhead. Thats what they do. Use common sense and communication and you’ll leave with your food hassle free. Or you know… Leave your bikes outside with someone as we’ve done for like 30 years.

Threatening language means nothing, it’s just hot air. If things turn nasty everyone has the right to defend themselves. In this instance the BMXer initiated the fight by getting physical. We’re better than that and smarter than that, it’s a shame.

The fact this has now been posted on Youtube with the intention to go viral has zero benefit to BMX and how we’re portrayed to the outside world.

If these BMXers had their bikes stolen in that mall, guess who’d they’d have run to first for help?

Here’s what the BMXers had to say…

“The story behind this video is basically myself and 4 of my friends went into a mall to get food with our bikes and 2 security guards came up and told us we weren’t allowed to have our bikes in the Mall. ( It was a holiday and there wasn’t hardly anyone in the mall ) So we said okay we will leave after we get our food that we had ordered ( Mr. Sub ). Then they started shoving me and my other friend telling us to leave when most of us hadn’t even got the food we ordered yet. So we left and ate outside near the mall. After we finished eating 2 of my friends and I go back into the mall security office and ask for there information and bosses contact info which they did not give very willingly. After we finally got the info we were all walking out and the shorter security guard was talking shit the whole time and kept lip saying stuff so my friends couldn’t hear him. As we were approaching the mall exit there was one guard behind me and one beside, the shorter officer that was beside shoved me for no reason at all. Then the video starts. As we got out the door he knew my friend was filming, the last lip thing he said to me was ” I’m going to kill you “. Thats when i lost it. The one guy turned to the other and said ” Put him down ” like i was some sort of fucking dog or something. When they got me on the ground i felt them legitimately trying to break my arm, they weren’t just putting my hand behind my back. luckily my friend who was around the corner got there in time to help me out. One officer proceeded to go after my friend and got him on the ground. The other officer then turned to him as well and started to knee him in the ribs while yelling “get on the ground” when he was already on the ground not resisting at all. Which is why i hit him.

I made the description so long because i want people to know every little detail and not make assumptions like they usually do on these types of videos. Fuck these shitty security guards and horrible humans. Comment what you think or what you would have done differently.

Also huge shoutout to my friends that had my back, love you homies.”


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