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Soundcheck: Ashley Charles

Soundcheck: Ashley Charles

Robin Fenlon


We The People / Vans / Eclat rider Ashley Charles has a very UK riding specific music taste that’s echoed by the old Bicycle Union videos… I guess he fit’s in perfectly then!

Black Sabbeth – Wizard

Jawbreaker – Ashtray Movement

Cro Mags – Hard Times

Bad Brains – Big Take Over

Slayer – Ghosts of War

  1. lee

    been into bad brains for almost 20 years now,like the other music too,what about the butthole surfers?also been riding bmx for 26 years,combo,big respect,do you get mushrooms in jersey?????

  2. Bone

    Now where have I seen that cro-mag logo

  3. Dayno

    they must have copied it from bicycle union….. like united copied that DUB bmx logo that rizla copied of them… wh wh wah

  4. Cal

    Proper music, good stuff.


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