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Photo Booth: Cinema in Barcelona

Photo Booth: Cinema in Barcelona

Johnny Elia Johnny Elia

In Ride UK issue 161, we covered the Cinema team on their short 4 day adventure to the undisputed street Mecca of the world, Barcelona, shortly after the Vans Rebel Jam back in December. Needless to say, more hammers got dropped than on a B&Q training day. We ran a full feature in the mag, but in case you were unlucky enough to miss that we’ve got a bunch of photos right here for you to have a gander at. A lot of the clips of the photos you see here are being saved for the Cinema DVD, which Will Stroud has been working on for a while now (so feel privileged that you’re getting to see this stuff in still format). All these guys have put in work for their parts and we just know that when that DVD drops it’s gonna blow heads clean off. So grab a brew, sit back and enjoy 30 epic photos from that trip. And if you missed the web edit, here it is again: http://rideukbmx.com/news/cinema-in-bcn-video.html

  1. reece

    swag – ontop of swag

  2. gaz


  3. nick


  4. Tom crowley


  5. clintphoto

    pic 19 is awesome

  6. Tom Fletcher

    this is fucking sick, i was actually in barcelona just after this trip, well it was mid feb, i dont know exactly when it was happening

  7. chris

    awesome shots.

  8. james b

    THANK YOU. At least someone over here knows the difference between opposite and switch, unlike Mr A22.

  9. Gavin

    Oh look it’s the infamous hat boys. BMX and its affinity with hats, especially beanies in the sun, is laughable.

  10. sid

    nathan beddows is a sick photographer!

  11. @Talk_to_frank

    pure madness

  12. Alex Mayorca BMX

    Vans VS Etnies.. haha


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