Usually when we get sent edits saying, "Hi I'm 14, this is my new edit, please have a look", it's basic stuff from a rider who shows good potential, but needs a few years to find his feet.

This one is different though – Honza Novak seems to be in control at 14 with plenty of hard tricks on lock. Definitely one to keep an eye on...

More info:

Today we bring you another #wdgfexclusive vid. Young gun Honza from the wild west showing what he has up in his sleeve. We wish you Merry Xmas, and remember, never leave ya bike alone! Its wild west! Keep killin.

This is what Honza has to say:

'My name is Honza Novak, I'm 14 year old and I'm from Czech republic. I ride on BMX 4 years.'


filmed by: Martin Siman, Adam Hoodek