Watch all the gnar from a few days ago, when Vans held the regional qualifiers for the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Sydney. Some wild moves go down in this – and there are some pretty savage slams too.

Check the results below:

1. Boyd Hilder

2. Cody Pollard

3. Ryan Nyquist

4. Jacman Hinss

5. Jayden Fuller

6. Nathan Tyas

7. Tyrone Edwards

8. Dave Dillewaard

9. Chris Courtenay

10. Kevin Kalkoff

11. Dean Anderson

12. Benjamin Bedu

These regional advancers will join the official Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Tour invitees below:

Alex Hiam

Corey Bohan

Corey Walsh

Dakota Roche

Dan Foley

Dennis Enarson

Dylan Lewis

Gary Young

Greg Illingworth

Jason Watts

Kevin Peraza

Kris Fox

Larry Edgar

Matt Cordova

Maxime Charveron

Pat Casey

Sergio Layos

Tom Dugan

Tyler Fernengel