More world tour goodness from Shadow and Subrosa! Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray and Slayer Tom cruise through Stuttgart, Köln and Hannover, riding shop stops and hitting street spots along the way.

It all looks like a good old time, and the riding is on point as you'd expect. I reckon my favourite clip was Simone's bonk line at around 3:15... Also, Matt Ray's moves on that rusty round bank are ridiculous.

More info:

Check out the second installment of the Shadow and Subrosa World tour as the teams group up and head to the wonderful European cities of Stuttgart, Koln, and Hannover in Germany.

With riding from Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, and German shredder Slayer Tom, the crew met up with the locals for three amazing street rides to spread the good word of Shadow and Subrosa.

A huge thank you goes out to Kunstform, Biker's Base, and People's Store for inviting us in to your incredible shops and to all the locals who came out to shred with the team. It was amazing getting to meet you all and we hope to see you all again very soon!

Filmed by Ryan Chadwick

Edited by Tammy McCarley


The Baudelaires

“Whet Denim"

Musk Hill