Always nice to see some fresh goodness from Matt Cordova! This time it's him riding a bunch of bowls, pools and skatepark obstacles for sponsor SE Bikes. Dude has so much style, it's easy to forget he can lay down the tricks too... Bars and whips included. Bar to ice to tooth in the pool was a treat!

Filmed and edited by Nathan Sykes.

Remember, Matt Cordova is a badass photographer too!

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No morsel of transition is safe in this new heater from Matt Cordova! The 2016 Van Doren Invitational winner went on a bowl rampage on his SE Gaudium all over Southern California oozing that typical style that he’s become so known for. Hang on for this one and get your day goin’!

Film/Edit: Nathan Sykes

Song: Band Red Scalp – Song Rituals