Join Scotty Cranmer as he takes us through the last year, since his life changing accident in Las Vegas in October 2016.

What an incredibly difficult and testing time it's been... This is a long video, there are many milestones in Scotty's recovery to discuss and he does a good job explaining what was happening at each point. If you're a fan of Scotty and want to see how far you can bounce back when you're as focused and positive as him, hit play.

More info:

"It has been one year since the day that change my life forever. My body has to relearn how to do every thing from riding my BMX bike at a professional level all the way to learning how to tie my shoes again. Even though I was supposed to never walk again I am now up on my feet living a normal life even driving a car. In this video I show a timeline of my past year from October 12, 2016 to October 12, 2017 and I show every milestone that I have conquered along the way. Thank you to everyone that watched my videos and lended a helping hand along the way. I couldn't have done it without you all."