This is such an amazing tribute and it was really nice to see some footage of Mathias Dymarski I hadn't previously seen. I didn't know Matias pesonally but he was a brother in BMX. The news shocked and saddened every one of us within the BMX community. My heart really goes out to his & his girlfriend Marie's family and friends. Such a huge loss. R.I.P dude.

"Mathias was one of those people, rock’n’roll fans who would enjoy life with his friends and his girlfriend at the Bataclan this Friday, November 13, 2015 … the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was a fan of Rock but above all he was passionate small acrobatic bike … and it is thanks to this that many of us know him!

I had never taken the time to do a solo part for the good McCain, but he was against all our roadtrip videos because he was always ready to travel with friends.

I fixes it by making him the installation with the best pictures of him lying around on my hard drives. The selection was difficult because the kid is talented and he is very photogenic …

I hope you can see this from the top, with your beautiful Mary. Forever in our hearts, we will continue to take you everywhere with us! On our little bikes!

We like you!"

Mathias and Marie


Film: Théophile COLIN

Music: Neil Young - My my, hey hey