This really is a slice of Ride UK history. This was at a time when BMX was strong, it's identity was clear and the scene was niche but getting bigger every day. If you've seen this, then you'll undoubtedly enjoy watching it all again. If you're new to this, then sit back and enjoy, you'll see many UK riders that are still big on the scene today, youthful looking Mark Webb, Ben Hennon and Kye Forte to name but a few. This was Alex Rankin's highly anticipated follow up to Cassette, the 2003's best selling BMX film. No Front Teeth brings you another hour long slice of the uniqueness of the British scene, from the DC's trails tour, the beginnings of the UK street scene or roof ripping crowd cheers of the legendary Back Yard Jams, this has them all, from a time when riders rode it all. Enjoy, and the awesome soundtrack that accompanies it. This is RAD.