Get ready for some heartwarming viewing. Last year we posted part one and now we have part two of this incredible story – and it's even better!

It's so rad to see Stu so stoked, meeting his hero Eddie Fiola and recovering well. Also, Eddie Fiola still totally shreds! Do yourself a favour and give this your time, it'll make you feel good about BMX.

"Early last year the internet went a bit bonkers with the story of a guy with kidney cancer and some friends who rallied round and raised the money to buy him his dream BMX - a banana yellow EF Proformer designed by The Flying Banana himself, Eddie Fiola. If you ever wondered what happened to Stu Crumpton since getting the bike, wonder no more as One Flying Kidney Part 2 is here! Stu builds the bike! Stu gets stronger! Stu meets Fiola in person! Stu rides that yellow BMX towards wellness! And if like most of us you cried your eyes out last time, bring a bigger hankie!"