I've been looking forward to this one for quite some time, I'm not gonna lie... Since I'm from the North East and know pretty much all of these lads we decided to go to the video premier the other night at World Headquarters in Newcastle. The prem was sick, there were so many people I hadn't seen in months, years even and they had all come together in the name of North East BMX to watch this gem of a video Harry and the boys have been working so hard for over the past 3 years or so...

I've gotta say massive props to the ringleader of the NSFYC - Mr Harry Dyson. He did a top job of organising the premier and definitely put the work in to draw crowds of rowdy BMXers from far and wide. Everyone was on a hype before the video came on; zoots outside, beers in hand, shit-talking and plenty of good banter. I even said hello to a few of the O.G NSF lads who were in attendance that night, the original crew from the mid school days often ride with these lads and had a few clips in there too, I guess they were pretty keen to see what the next gen of Northeast street riders have been getting up to...

Here's 5 questions we fired over to Harry regarding the video...


#1. How many Greggs pasties were eaten during the course of filming for this video?


"I recon a huge number of pasties were consumed, I actually don't want to find out as the full squad could of bought paid for a full upgrade for 'The Wastey' or something hahaha. It's a big number I reckon."

#2. What does the release of this vid mean to you?


"It means so much man, that's why we do it. There's no better feeling then uploading an edit you've put time and work into. A lot of people have been asking for this to be released and getting loads of people buzzing over it is a great feeling, it really brings the crew together and makes us stronger too. It also makes people want to send it more for the next edit (NSFYC4), but it is literally what we live for other than cleaning carpets and partying (Not like them Geordie Shore type people.)"

#3. What was the funniest/best moment you had while stacking clips for this project?


"Hmm I think the Scotland trip was the best thing we've done like, we took loads (hardly anything) of camping gear and just hoped we could find a place to camp after driving about 20 miles out of Glasgow. We somehow found the most amazing spot ever... It was in this sort-of dip, hidden out of the way and seemed like the perfect place to set up camp."


"The farmer turned up in the morning and asked if everyone ok, he was genuinely concerned for our safety as there was a massive drop on the other side of that hill. Lucky when we were all pissed no one fancied a lone wander up the hill. I've got to say that putting a 12 man tent up in the dark was a right task, but me a Jordan smashed it up for the lads haha so yeah just the full Scotland trip man!"

#4 Which section from NSFYC3 is your personal favourite then Harry, and why?


"It has to be Jordan Hildreth's section like. He's keeping it real and reppin' the original NSF vibe. Nothing but raw kinked ledges and wavy rails, just how I like it."

#5 What are your plans for the next NSFYC vid?


"Filming for NSFYC 4 has already started and fucking hell there's actually some ridiculous clips in it already! This one isn't gonna take 3 years, not at this speed."

"Coming straight out of the Northeast of England, filmed in roughly 3 years, with plenty of support form Greggs and Cycle Centre."

Featuring: Harry Dyson, Jordan Hildreth, Jamie Curry, Elliott Brown, Paul Thompson, Joe Walker, Harry Cooper, Dchum, Gifford, Connor Pencott, Lucas, Zach Percival, Marshall, Matty Collier, Pete Greaves, Tom Bright, Brandon Hill, Toby, Dyno, Michael Scoot Scoot, Rossy 28SomethingBMX, Jamieson, Al Rob, Brodie, Connor Bedford and Connor Worthington.

Filmed by: Harry Dyson & Elliott Brown

Edited by: Harry Dyson